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Meet Mamta Mishra, who made government school a convent school, PM Modi has also praised her

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was so impressed by the way Mamata Mishra was teaching as a teacher in an English medium council school in Chaka, Vikas block of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, that she appreciated her efforts in the radio program Mann Ki Baat He praised her and later wrote a letter to her, encouraging her.

Teacher Mamta Mishra with school children (Photo courtesy: Mamta Mishra)

Today, the children of Mamta Mishra’s government school are judged as equal to the children of private schools in the area. And anyway, why not Mamta’s way of teaching is such that every child is a topper in studies.

Teacher mother considered a role model

Talking to Yourstory, Mamta told about her education and becoming a teacher,

“My initial education was done in Kendriya Vidyalaya, then graduated from Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur, B.Ed. And passed the Masters. My mother is a teacher and since childhood, I have seen her teaching with great diligence, loyalty and honesty, and had decided to become a teacher by assuming her role model in her childhood. “

KMamta Mishra with school children (Photo courtesy: Mamta Mishra)

Early experience

Recalling her early experiences of teaching in a government school, she said that she faced rural, local and indigenous linguistic and other regional challenges, although soon, according to all this, Mamata moulded herself.

Talking about teaching children, Mamta says,

My biggest challenge was to teach such children, not only themselves but also their family members who were not taking primary education seriously.

When Mamta spoke to such children and their parents, they came to know the reason for this and that was, most of the council students come from the lower economic class, the house, farm-barn, cattle-feed, shop or ferry on their shoulders. There are responsibilities of setting up etc., girls too often had to stay at home to share their home and farm work and to take care of younger siblings.

After knowing all these reasons, Mamta explained the importance of education to the families of children. Made them aware of education. In order to increase interest in the arrival and stay of the children of the school, not only did they take education from home, but also sports and sports.

Also introduced extracurricular activities. The children of the children, especially their mothers, who performed better from time to time, we’re also honoured at the school level.

Innovative education

Mamta Mishra emphasized on innovative education to give better education to government school children. She started smart classes. She bought equipment for desks and benches, mobiles, tablets, projectors, etc. from her salary and personal savings to teach school children through smart and digital classes. Along with teaching the children in Mamta class, they get mobile ‘Initiation app’ Is also teaching ways to read through

KMamta Mishra with school children

Talking about the importance of technology for government school children, she said,

In the current scenario education and technology are complementary to each other, in every field from primary level to audio-video technology, ICT, CCE etc. to high level robotics, nanotechnology, computing, space and strategic studies, science, communication and technology etc. Technology-less education is incomplete, so there is a need to end the global gaps in technology by moving ahead with technology at every level of education, as well as to realize the dream of Digital India of the glorious Prime Minister.

YouTube channel for online classes

Mamta thought of teaching her school children as well as other school children. Mamta says,

When contact with people from far and wide increased, it was not possible to share their efforts, experiences and innovations on a personal level with everyone, so I Youtube channel MAMTA ANKIT And other digital social media platforms etc.

MAMTA ANKIT On youtube channel 700+ videos Are available. The popularity of her YouTube channel can be gauged from the fact that her channel Over 7 lakh subscribers is.

Talking about future plans, she said,

In this process of learning and teaching, while developing our abilities and abilities further, people have to make a world-class effort to eradicate the darkness of illiteracy from this world and move forward on the development path.

PM Modi has praised

The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, was so impressed by the teaching methods of Mamta Mishra, a teacher who teaches in a government school, that she made a radio program mind-matter I praised him for her efforts and later cheered him up by giving him a Letter Also wrote.

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