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Meet Amit Aryan, the true son of Mother India, due to whose training, more than 450 youth


‘Hum Fauji is the heart of this country, every heart’s love is the agony of our mother’ film Now your native country friends (2004), these lines of the title track fit perfectly for today’s personality.

Nationwide today 74th Independence Day It is being celebrated with great enthusiasm. Everyone is immersed in the colours of patriotism and are proud to celebrate independence. In such a situation, today we are going to introduce you to the army of the resident of Garhi Dariab village of Fatehabad of Agra, the true son of Mother India. Retired hero Amit Gupta ‘Aryan’ Those who are giving free training to the youth of their village to join the army.

Retired general Amit Gupta ‘Aryan’ is giving free training to the youth of his village to join the army. (Photo courtesy: Amit Aryan)

Amit has dedicated his life completely to the nation, first-served in the country by joining the army and now after retiring Guru ‘Dronacharya’ Being trained young boys of their village to join the army. Amit Aryan trains these youths in the grounds of the Fatehabad State Degree College. For this, he has the support of the principal of the college.

While in the army, hero Amit Aryan has also been a coach of handball and has played at the national level twice.

Retired hero Amit Aryan says,

“In the year 2003, I joined the Indian Army. During this time whenever I used to come to the village on holidays and see these young youth, I used to realize that they have the passion to serve the country, the talent is there, they just need the right direction and training. ”

During his service, Amit Aryan learned the skills required to join the army during his services when he was posted as a hero in an army training school.

Retired hero Amit Gupta ‘Aryan’ while training youth in the field (Photo courtesy: Amit Aryan)They further say,

After learning the necessary skills from the Army Training School, I decided to start a training school for the youth of my village.

In the year 2012, he gathered the young youth of the village in a field, turning his dream into reality. On the first day, this number was 5-10 which increased continuously from the next day and within a week 100 youths of the village were training in this field.

Talking about the selection of youth in the army recruitment of 2012, Amit Aryan says,

In the year 2012, about 90 youth from the village successfully passed the recruitment race. But they were unsuccessful in the medical and further stages. 15-20 youth recruited there Successfully passed all stages of the year and today he is serving in the Indian Army.

Since then (since 2012), whenever the hero Amit Aryan came home for leave from the army, he would plan his vacation in such a way that there is no army recruitment in the vicinity so that He could spend more and more time training these youths. During this time, he used to give less time to family. And spent most of his time training these youngsters.

Same year In February 2020, the commander Amit Aryan retired from the Indian Army from his services.. Now they spend all their time with these youth and train them in every way.
Retired hero Amit Gupta 'Aryan' while training youth in the field (Photo courtesy: Amit Aryan)

Youth practicing (Photo courtesy: Amit Aryan)
Amit Aryan says,

Now at the State Degree College ground in Fatehabad, the fitness camp starts every morning as soon as the whistle blows at 5:45 am, and by 8:30 am every minute of the preparation of the army is explained to the youth. This camp is also held in the evening. The special thing about this fitness camp is that Amit gives these training free of cost.

Amit Aryan also helps financially weak youth on his behalf. Those who are not able to buy shoes and kits for their training, army men buy shoes and kits from them. This too is a result of the spirit of service to the nation. In this campaign, now the youngsters who have got jobs in the army after training with them have started giving them. In this free training camp, a social organization of Fatehabad is also distributing bananas and juices to the youth.

More than 450 youth have joined the defence by training from Amit Aryan and are serving in the Army, Navy and Airforce.

Amit Aryan Aryan Gupta A YouTube channel named Aryan’s Fitness Camp has also been started.

On the occasion of Independence Day, retired Amit Aryan gives a message to the youth across the country, saying,

There is no greater service than service to the nation. The country needs all the youth. Join the Indian Army and serve the nation.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of your mother and wholehearted nation, our wholehearted gratitude to this true son of Mother India. We greatly appreciate your efforts for service to the country. Salam, Naman, thank you !!!

Jai Hind-Jai Bharat, Jai Jawan-Jai Farmer !!



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