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How to prepare for your exam sitting at home in lockdown

We all know that there is a lockdown in the country, so many students have lost their education, many students had their examinations which were postponed. In such a situation, they have no option to go to coaching, nor to go to school. So now the power arises that if you study, how to do it? For this, schools, colleges and coaching have taken the online option. Huh. In this, you can not only prepare better for the examination by taking care of some things, as well as relieve stress, and also avoid getting caught in the corona.

How to study in lockdown

How to study in lockdown

Give your studies at least 10 hours at home

Students preparing for the exam are required to do time management. You should give a minimum of 10 hours on a daily basis to prepare for the exam. Also, to keep your exam preparation on track, every subject should allot at least 2 hours of time per day. Apart from this, you should be able to ensure timely revision of subjects like Maths on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to remain dependent on getting good marks in the exam. Repeat the topic once read, or else you will forget them and all your hard work will be spoiled.

Must take care of time table

From the beginning of the year, you should make your own time table and read according to it, in the beginning do only that how much time you have to study, think and make a habit of reading at that time. Make sure that your doubts are cleared in time, because it increases anxiety and loss of confidence in the catchy time, if you keep a grip on the difficult topic from the beginning, then there will be no problem in the last. Gradually break the time according to the subjects and keep increasing the time. Initially, repeat the syllabus taught in school daily at home, so that you will understand at the same time how much you have understood the topic taught and you can ask it from any other friend or teacher at the same time.

Improve the way you write:

Sometimes you know the answers to all the questions and you solve them very well but still get less marks. The only reason is that your way of writing was not right. First of all, change the way you write.

  • Write hand writing well and cleanly.
  • Write down the answer to the question. There should be heading, all heading.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Write and write a paragraph.
  • Make tables in between.

How to study in lockdown Writing a checker like this will never cut your marks and if you do not even know the exact answer to the question and you do not want to leave that question, then by solving them in this way, you will get half or more marks. See, this method is always beneficial.

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