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How did this woman who became a farm laborer become a millionaire entrepreneur on a salary of 5 rupees

Chasing your dreams is not an easy thing. In the journey of life, many people leave their dreams in the middle, but few are brave enough to achieve success even under adverse circumstances. This is the story of Anila Jyothi Reddy, who set a unique example of woman power and determination. She was forced to live in an orphanage when she was younger. Her poverty-stricken father put her in an orphanage, saying that she was not his girl.

Despite getting married at an early age, Jyothi fought back all the struggles

Jyothi was 16 when she was married to a 28-year-old man. The atmosphere at that time was tied to conservative practices and Jyothi did not like this. The person Jyothi was married to was a very educated and a farmer. For a few years of marriage, Jyothi had to go to the fields for defecation. Not only this, he also had to work hard to earn five rupees a day.

At the age of just 17, Jyothi gave birth to a child and the next year she became a mother for the second time. She used to be engaged in household chores throughout the day and ran the house well even with limited resources to run the family well. But Jyothi was not satisfied with her life amidst all this. She wanted to come out of her poverty in which she was being sunk day by day.

Rural women of Jharkhand are fortunate with technology

Even when Jyothi Reddy worked in the fields, he found it difficult to run a house. Despite all this, he did not let his children remain illiterate. Jyothi sent her children to a nearby Telugu medium school to study. They had to pay 25 rupees a month for school fees and Jyothi would have paid all this by paying wages in the fields.

Gradually Jyothi left behind all her bondage and started teaching people working in nearby fields. After this he got an identity and also a government job where he started getting salary of Rs 120 per month. Jyothi’s job was to go to a nearby village and teach women to sew.

The journey from teacher to CEO

Like Jack Ma, the founder of the Alibaba organization, Jyothi Reddy travelled from a teacher to become the CEO of an American company. MA in English from Kakatiya University, Jyothi Warangal. Wanted to do it but it was not possible.

After that Jyothi decided to go to America. She wanted to go there and learn the basics of software. Settling in the USA was a big thing in itself. With the help of a relative, Jyothi got a visa and she left for New Jersey.

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Before setting up his business, Jyothi did many small things in New Jersey. She gave a new direction to her dream flight by taking the job of sales girl, room service assistant, baby sitter, gas station attendant and software recruiter. Today they have 6 homes of their own in the USA and two in India. Not only this, but Jyothi is also the owner of expensive cars like Mercedes.

Although today Jyothi Reddy is living in USA, but she never forgets to visit India every year on 29 August. She comes to India on this day and celebrates her birthday with children in the same orphanage. Not only this, Jyothi carries a lot of gifts for orphans.

Jyothi Reddy’s story at a young age, from his marriage with a much older farmer to becoming the CEO of Silicon Valley, is amazing and full of inspiration. Jyothi Reddy is like a pillar of light for the youth of India, which shows the dreamers to reach the bright future beyond the darkness.

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