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Agriculture Success Story: This farmer is becoming rich by this model of farming, earning 60 thousand months from one acre

Agriculture Success Story – With this model of farming, these farmers are becoming rich, earning 60 thousand months from one acre: There are many farmers in the country who are dependent on traditional farming only, due to which their crop is not good, then they have to suffer losses. At the same time, there are some farmers of the country who are earning millions in advanced farming by learning new methods of farming. Not only this, the farmers of today are learning the qualities of organic and organic farming and are trying to do something different, which is also proving very effective.

On the basis of organic farming, this farmer is called ‘Celebrity Farmer’

Agriculture Success Story of Farmer Dnyaneshwar Bodke

Some such farmers are doing something different from traditional farming and are earning more profit in less work. Today we are going to tell you about one such farmer who is earning at least 60 to 70 thousand rupees every month from just one acre of land. The name of this farmer is Dnyaneshwar Bodke and he is from Pune and the special thing is that Dnyaneshwar Bodke has his own son a mechanical engineer and he is also doing farming with him.

As we told you that the farmers of today are learning the virtues of organic farming, just like this, Dnyaneshwar Bodke is a farmer who is earning very well from organic farming and with the help of his engineer son, the cost is also getting reduced. Earlier, Dnyaneshwar Bodke had a lot of labour problems and he used to spend a lot on it, but could not earn anything. He turned his steps towards organic farming and is now earning well every month.

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Engineer son gave the support of farmer father

Agriculture Success Story While talking about this, Dnyaneshwar Bodke explains that the engineer son has made a power tiller, which is doing labor hours in a very short time and at a very low cost. Dnyaneshwar Bodke further explains that the power tillers found in the market were quite expensive as they were difficult to buy. So his son made a low HP power tiller.

By making power tiller, these farmers are selling to other farmers as well.

Farmer Dnyaneshwar Bodke explains that its special thing is that now by making power tillers, these farmers are also selling them to other farmers, which cost only 35 to 40 thousand rupees. This power tiller will save the farmers hard work and money. Not only this, Dnyaneshwar Bodke is also setting an example for other farmers. They believed that if they do not benefit from traditional farming, it does not mean that they turn away from farming.

Farmer Dnyaneshwar Bodke’s advice to other farmers

Farmer Dnyaneshwar Bodke says that farmers should move forward with the new phase, as well as start farming by learning about organic and organic manure and farming. There will definitely be a profit. This country is a country of farmers, if the farmer here gives up, then who will be inspired by the country.

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