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13 priceless consultations from veteran industrialists who have the power to make your life a success


As we grow older, we begin to consult someone younger than us or who do not fit our experience. We also wish that someone would give us valuable knowledge of life, which would also make our path to move ahead in life.

Consultations from veteran industrialists

To make your life easier, we have prepared a list of select suggestions of business giants of the country. So, without wasting time, follow these valuable suggestions.

NR Narayana Murthy: One of the most powerful industrialists of India. He has achieved a major achievement by facing every obstacle named Infosys. they believe:

1) You may fail but start as you are

Learn from mistakes and move forward. Infosys was not Narayana Murthy’s first business. He founded Softronics before Infosys, which closed in 18 months. He made mistakes and learned from those failures. But what if they had not tried?

2) be active

Narayanamurthy believes that “only those who succeed use speed, imagination, excellence and execution.” What we do, the idea we carry out, and the steps we take are a small part of a larger work, when they join together, the whole will become a meaningful figure.

3) Balanced work-life

The father of Infosys believes that “the concept of work-life balance cannot be called real.” First, we need to live life, then the concept of work-life balance is formed.

4) it’s all temporary

“When you become an identity in the world, always remember that the property we earn whether it is financial, intellectual or emotional, we are all temporary protectors. Sharing your wealth with less fortunate people is its best use.

Ratan Tata: Whenever it comes to simplicity, this person has given a new extension to his definition. They donate about 65 per cent of their total income to works of public interest. But, his journey from a modest man to one of the world’s iconic giants has not been easy.

5) Be inspired by the competition

Competition generally means a nightmare for the common people. But in fact, being competitive is a boon for us. If you have something, do not get discouraged, rather pay attention to how you can perform better than others. Be better than them and establish your image.

6) do what is not possible

Yes, make the impossible possible. Mr. Mann Tata believes that if you have something that you think can be achieved, but others feel that it cannot be, then you definitely should.

7) Be rational

Ratan Tata believes that “Risk is an essential part of business mathematics. Even if you do not want to face a crisis, in such a situation you need to take the right steps very wisely and not to give up. On the other hand, logically, you are prepared to face a more serious risk for a specific goal. ”

8) be healthy

It is evident that in order to enjoy the fruits of success, our health needs to be in good condition which arises from the diligently done plantation called hard work.

Azim Premji: The president of Wipro left no stone unturned to make Wipro one of the best organizations in modern India.

9) Failure only shows the way to success

It is very important to keep the lessons of our failures in mind because failure is one of the best teachers that shows us the way to success. What were the reasons that your previous attempt failed, analyze those reasons, learn from them and you will find that your path will gradually become easier.

10) Stay connected to the ground

Staying connected to the ground after successful activities is a very important aspect. No matter how big your success is, always keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the sky.

Mukesh Ambani: When it comes to the introduction, this person does not need anyone. Reliance Industries Ltd., led by the richest in India and the 36th richest in the world, has touched new heights.

11) Follow your path

It is good to have a clear vision of what you want to do in your life. It is perfectly right to follow a different and unique path. It can ensure your success if the necessary hard work is done to achieve it.

12) Take criticisms as positive

As a person, it is very important that our critics are saying what we think about them. Those who say negatively take us down, but here’s an interesting fact: If you actually use those negative words as inspiration, you will benefit greatly from them. Never let yourself down by being discouraged by those negative words, rather you use them as your inspiration to prove them wrong.

13) Let your work speak for itself

This line is self-evident. Be so busy in achieving your goal that all the difficulties you have faced, sacrificed and the moment you make compromises for the ultimate goal, all things will be seen as your achievements.

These mentions are of distinguished personalities who rose to the top ranks of success with hard work, foresight and a never-say-die spirit. If you too follow this in your life, believe me, nothing can stop you from becoming an ideal for many generations to come.

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