Young investors investing a lot of money in shares and mutual funds from payment app, average investment on Paytm Money exceeds 70 thousand

Young investors investing a lot of money in shares and mutual funds from payment app, average investment on Paytm Money exceeds 70 thousand

Young investors flock to Paytm Money’s platform

Paytm Money Annual Report : The attitude of young investors of the country regarding investment and wealth creation is changing rapidly. Most of the young investors are preferring the platform of digital wealth management firm. Millennials are investing heavily in mutual funds, shares, digital gold and IPOs through the Paytm platform. Paytm Money’s annual report “How the young Indian Millennials Invest” states that the financial year 2020- In 21, on its platform, Millennials investors invested an average of 70 thousand rupees.

Young investors are investing heavily in ETFs

According to the report, 2,10,000 demat accounts were opened on its platform from August (2020) to March 2021 last year. Young investors also showed great interest in investing in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). About 25 percent of the investors investing in stocks put money in ETFs. Not only did the trend of Paytm Money users show increasing in IPO, investment in Futures and Options was also becoming quite popular. The average investment in ETFs was Rs 28,834.

Most invested in Tata Motors, Yes Bank, SBI

Interesting trends were also seen on investment in shares. Those investing in stocks through this platform traded or invested in an average of 15 stocks. Last year, every month investors made an average of ten transactions in shares and kept an average of Rs 46,000 in their portfolio. 41 percent of investors did intraday trading. Investors invested the most in Tata Motors shares. Along with this, there was a lot of investment in the shares of Yes Bank, Vodafone Idea, SBI and ONGC.

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64% investors invested in mutual funds

Through Paytm Money, 64 percent of investors invested in mutual funds and 28 percent in equities. At the same time, the rest of the investors invested money in digital gold. Axis Bluechip Fund (Growth Plan) was the most preferred mutual fund among investors. Around 1,20,000 investors invested more than Rs 200 crore in it. More than 80 percent of the users have taken the route of SIP for entry in mutual funds.

The number of women investors is increasing rapidly

The most interesting aspect of the report is the increasing number of women investors. The number of women investors on Paytm Money has doubled. She is experimenting a lot by investing in different wealth products. Paytm Money offers investment in IPOs, Shares, Futures & Options, ETFs and NPS and Digital Gold.

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