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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Market Live: SGX NIFTY is giving indications, the beginning of the Indian market may be strong

08:15 AM

strategy on nifty

Virendra Kumar of CNBC-Awaaz says that the resistance zone of Nifty is at 17867-17891. Its major resistance zone is 17931-17891 and base zone is 17739-17695. Its major base zone is at 17641-17610. Strong money was made in 17500 calls, out of 81 calls, 200 came out. 17800 was an obstacle, it was clearly said that if 17700 comes out, then 17800 will also come. According to the option data, there is no special resistance till 18000 now. Hold 17800 Calls, Play New Teji 18000 Calls, Keep SL of 60-70 Digits.

08:06 AM

strategy on nifty bank

Virendra Kumar says that its resistance zone is 37960-38160.
Is. Its major resistance zone is 38390-38460 and base zone is 37610-37500. The larger base zone is 37440-37310. Yesterday the target of 37610-750-840 was achieved. Now a little call writing on 38000, stay long. Above 38000 raise the SL to 37910. Above 38000 38160 First resistance, Nikla to 38390 and 38460 is also possible.

07:58 AM

Today’s Trading Calls

Securities Box

BUY LTI SL 5850 TGT 6350


07:52 AM


PARAS DEFENCE proved to be the most SUBSCRIBE IPO ever. The last day is over 300 times full. More than 400 times applications came in RETAIL quota. The price band was between 165 to 175.

07:44 AM

PM Modi and Biden meet in America

Today Prime Minister Modi will meet US President Joe Biden. Will also participate in the Quad summit. Yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris and the Prime Minister of Japan also discussed bilateral issues.

07:38 AM

SANSERA ENG listing today

Today there will be a listing of the ipo of SANSERA ENGINEERING. 744 is the issue price. ipo was subscribed more than 11 times.

07:30 AM

Crude boils, gold’s luster fades

Crude oil is at a 2-month high due to increasing demand and decreasing reserves in the US. Brent has crossed $77, but the fear of raising interest rates by the Fed has reduced the brightness of gold. COMEX GOLD has come down to $1750.

07:25 AM

ACCENTURE posted good Q4 results

FOCUS will be on IT SHARES today. In the fourth quarter, ACCENTURE showed an impressive growth of 21% in revenue. The company has given a GUIDENCE of 12 to 15% REVENUE GROWTH during FY22.

07:15 AM

Global Market Signs Brilliant

Nifty will try to touch 18 thousand MILE STONE amidst great global signals. NIKKEI in Asia has risen nearly 2%. SGX NIFTY and DOW FUTURES are also showing strength. There was a great rally in the US markets yesterday. The DOW had closed higher by more than 500 points.

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