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Leasehold of Cidco property should be replaced with freehold soon: MP Imtiaz Jaleel

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Aurangabad: Member of Parliament Imtiaz Jaleel has written a letter to the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of CIDCO and the Chief Administrator of CIDCO, Aurangabad to clear the lease hold of CIDCO project at the government level. Take immediate action to free them as there are many problems in the development of their properties. Last year, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had announced a free hold instead of a lease hold on the Cidco property, and Guardian Minister Subhash Desai promised that it would happen soon, but no action has been taken so far.

Lease holders of CIDCO project in Aurangabad city face difficulties in getting bank loan, reduction in TDR, reduction in premium charges in respect of FSI 0.1 in respect of properties in CIDCO area based on FSI 1.1 Is. 100% premium is levied on properties at 20 per cent and 20 meters on roads. The premium charge should be 35% like corporation.

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In case of free hold instead of lease hold of CIDCO project property, the property owners will not have to refund the transfer fee after levying one-time charges as per the decision of CIDCO Board of Directors. Also, CIDCO NOC will not be required for bank loan, and premium charges for FSI in respect of property will be same as Corporation. However, for this the approval policy will have to be amended as per the earlier decision of the Board of Directors of CIDCO. Also, if TDR can be loaded, it will help in building housing stock, MP Imtiaz Jaleel said in his letter.

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