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What is Mobile App e-Gopala? How will cattle farmers benefit


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a new mobile app e-Gopala for cattle farmers on Thursday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a new mobile app e-Gopala for cattle farmers on Thursday. PM Modi launched it through video conference in Bihar. This will give a big benefit to dairy farmers. With this, they will get many information on their smartphone. It is an online digital medium to help them and increase animal productivity. With this, they will get information about the availability of high-quality semen, embryos and animals and will be able to buy them.

With this, you will also get information about preparing balanced ration from local dietary resources. Information on Ayurveda veterinary and low-cost drug treatments will also be available on the app.

All this information will be found in the app

This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. In this, the animal owner has to login with his registered mobile number. After this, 6 options will appear. The first option is for animal nutrition, in which the quantity of feed ingredients and nutrition is available. The next option is the Ayurvedic system of medicine, in which farmers can see the disease of the animal and its Ayurvedic treatment.

In the My Animal Aadhaar option, farmers can see their new, old animal information and will be able to register new animals. In the alerts, farmers will get information like the date of vaccination of the animal. On the app, you can learn about the nearest vaccination camp or training camp. In the animal market option, farmers get information about artificial insemination technicians and semen stations.

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PM Modi launched

While launching the app, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that along with good breed of animals, correct scientific information about their care and care is equally important. For this, technology has been used continuously for the past years. In this episode, ‘E-Gopala’ app has been started today. He said that the e-Gopala app will be an online digital medium that will help the cattlemen to choose advanced livestock and they will be freed from middlemen.

He told that this app will give all the information related to the cattle, from productivity to its health and diet. This will enable the farmer to know when his animal needs it and if it is sick, where is the cheaper treatment available for it. Not only this, but the app is also being linked to the animal base.


Source: www.financialexpress.com

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