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Unlock 4.0: metro, local train, from school to pub and club; Where to get discount from September 1


Unlock 4.0: The government is slowly moving towards opening the economy completely, amid increasing cases of coronavirus.

Unlock 4.0: The government is slowly moving towards opening the economy completely, amid growing cases of Coronavirus. In this sequence, the next month is going to be very important. Actually the third phase of unlocking is ending on the 31st of this month and the fourth phase is starting from 1st September. The government has banned many facilities even in the third phase for fear of infection. It is believed that some restrictions can be removed from it. Right now everyone is waiting for the new guidelines of the government. States will be able to change the guidelines according to corona infection here.

The highest number of cases per day in India

Talking about the cases of coronavirus, the highest number of cases are coming up in India on a daily basis. Looking at the uneasiness of the last few days, around 70 thousand cases are coming up every day. In the same way, if the cases continue to grow, India can soon move to number two in the total cases. America is on the first number. In India too, cases of COVID are close to 34.6 lakh. At the same time, 62550 has died so far.

Right now these are closed in the states

  • Metro Services
  • Cinema hall
  • The gym
  • swimming pool
  • Entertainment park
  • Theatre
  • Bars, Clubs
  • auditorium
  • Assembly hall

Metro service can start

From September 1, the government can resume the metro facility in Delhi NCR. It is believed that if this happens, the contactless ticketing system will be started and the token facility will be closed. Metro service in Delhi has been closed since 22 March. The Delhi government has also said that it is fully ready to run the metro in the capital. At present, it is waiting for the green signal from the central government.

Will the pub get permission?

From September 1, you can get a discount for selling liquor through the takeaway at the bar. The Government of Karnataka has also decided to give permission to sell liquor in restaurants. Pubs and clubs may also open next month to give a boost to the hospitality sector.

Estimates of school college being closed

School and college are estimated to be closed in Unlock 4. Online classes are being provided in most states. After September, some states may plan to open schools and colleges phase-wise.

a Theatre

There is still no scope of the opening of the cinema hall. However, keeping in mind the physical distancing, some shows can be started in the coming months with less capacity.

Suburban train

There is no scope for starting a local train in Mumbai right now. Cases are constantly coming to Mumbai, so the risk of infection with the local train may increase further.

Must wear mask

For now, wearing a mask will be mandatory. Apart from this, there will be penalty for spitting in the open. It will be necessary to follow social distancing. If you do not follow the guidelines, a heavy fine can be charged.

Domestic flight

CM Mamta Banerjee has said that from September 1, flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai and Ahmedabad will be able to land at Kolkata Airport. The lockdown will continue on weekends in the state.

No border

The Ministry of Home Affairs has recently asked all the states to ensure that there is no restriction on the movement of persons and goods within a state and from one state to another during the current process of relaxation of lockdown. The letter said that any such ban would be a direct violation of the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Therefore, states have to be allowed to go from one state to another state of any dilemma.


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