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Travel from 200 rupees to 8.5 crores, the great success of a pizza delivery boy


Everyone wants to succeed in life, but not everyone has the ability to take the right decision at the right time to face the circumstances. Moreover, not everyone has the strength to take risks according to other circumstances. However, those who would have faced such situations in life0 would have been able to write their names in golden letters on the pages of history. Our story today is about one such successful person who took the risk to do something big in life and has become an inspiration for others today. From a pizza delivery boy who set up an empire worth crores of rupees Sunil Vashisht, The story is unique in itself.

Born in a very poor family in Delhi, Sunil somehow completed his Higher Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination. His father was a mechanical labourer and the only earning member in a family of five. The pathetic financial condition of the family forced Sunil to work for a living. Immediately after SSC, he started work earning Rs 200 per day. He did many minor tasks for the bread of June 2. Finally, in 1998, he joined Domino’s Pizza as a pizza delivery boy. He worked long hours with one of the Domino’s Pizza outlets in Delhi and became his best-performing employee. The owners of the outlets were extremely pleased with their consistent performance, but others working there were jealous of them. He left the job in the year 2003 after working here for a few years.

Instead of finding a second job, Sunil started a small roadside restaurant in Delhi with a few cents of his savings. Their first commercial experiment failed due to frequent interruptions by the authorities. In the four years of running the eateries, he earned nothing but a lot of experience. In 2007, Sunil decided to do something better. While doing research in the surrounding areas, he found that there is a dire need of a cake shop there. With the help of some savings and a loan of Rs 58,000 from a friend, he Flying cake Laid the foundation of his dream under the banner of

Flying Cake was an ambitious project for Sunil compared to the earlier roadside eateries, but the business was extremely challenging due to the low margins. Nevertheless, the only certainty about time is that it changes. And with this thought, Sunil continued his struggle. One day a woman working at a nearby HCL visited Flying Cake to order for her son’s birthday. The woman was head of HCL’s admin department – the quality of the cake baked by Sunil impressed her, and Flying Cake soon began to receive corporate orders from her.

In an exclusive interview with Business Khabar, Sunil said in an emotional tone, “The order from HCL was the first milestone for me. I saw the positive results of the strength of the struggle that I had fought. “

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Sunil was keen to do business with excellent quality. He realized what it was like to eat fresh cakes. They ensured that the cake was prepared only in order and delivered in the lowest possible time to ensure freshness. To ensure the quality and knowing the importance of his presence, Sunil worked round the clock in the early days of Flying Cake. His determination to provide better quality cakes helped him build a brand and open new branches. His fifteen-minute preparation technique has retained most of Sunil’s clients.

Today, Flying Cake is a well-known cake-shop brand, doing a business of Rs 8.5 crore through its 15 branches in cities like Noida, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. They have recently launched a new range of fast food products like pizza, burger in Noida. Sunil is aiming to open fifteen new branches by the year 2024.

Sunil gives the message to aspiring entrepreneurs that “You should not be afraid to take risks, without risk, you will stay in the same place forever.” To do something big in life, you have to raise relationships, sometimes circumstances will be against you, then you have to face it firmly. ”

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