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Through MyPadBank, women are distributing free sanitary napkins to Bareilly social activist Chitransha Saxena


Despite being a completely natural biological process, menstruation is often seen as a taboo subject in Indian society, especially among the uneducated rural masses. Our claim to be a progressive society is contrary to our shame in talking about periods.

Battling this long-neglected concern, Uttar Pradesh Bareilly Of Chitransh Saxena Year to spread menstrual awareness among women 2018 In one Non-profit organization ‘MyPadBank’ Established.

MyPadBank achieved the title of Limca Book of Records in February 2020 by creating the largest sanitary pad in the country. (Sincerely: Chitransh Saxena)

Chitransh Saxena together with his team More than 25 awareness campaigns Have run From inception until now 8135 Girls and women as beneficiaries Free sanitary napkin / pad Have been distributed. Along with this, his team to spread menstrual awareness among women 10 workshops Has held.

Inspired by ‘Padman’

Chitransh spoke about the introduction of MyPadBank,

Film starring Akshay Kumar and Radhika Apte Padman The release of, which was inspired by the life of the menstrual warrior Arunachalam Muruganantham, was the most important inspiration for me.

He further said, It made me feel that men can work towards breaking this illusion, and that gave me the confidence to talk about menstruation.

When she expressed her desire to spread awareness about menstruation, her family also supported her and thus ‘MyPadBank’ in June 2018 Introduced. The motive behind starting PadBank was quite clear that girls and women living in rural areas should be made aware about menstruation and also be given free sanitary pads / napkins.


MyPadBank built the largest sanitary pad in the country in February 2020 Limca Book of Records Has acquired the title of.

MyPadBank team

Chitransh Saxena is the founder of MyPadBank and Utkarsh Saxena is the co-founder. While Ana Khan is associated with MyPadBank as a consultant. Apart from these, Saher Chaudhary (Project Assistant), Rashi Udit (Activity Monitor), Jennifer Lal (Social Media Manager), Shilpi Jaiswal (Media Incharge), Dr. Ankit Chaudhary (Dental Care Consultant) and Mahek Nayyar (Content Writer) Have been.

MyPadBank founder Chitransh Saxena

How does Padbank work?

The chitranas show,

MyPadBank functions just like other banks. Through MyPadBank, a passbook is issued to each woman with check-boxes for each month. Their photo ID and details are also taken for this. Every month, we give them a pack of eight pads for free and tick the box.

PadBank passbook offered by MyPadBank

Chitransh Saxena

In addition, every month a group of MyPadBank volunteers go to the surrounding rural areas to distribute sanitary pads to ensure that these pads reach the beneficiaries. The visit involves addressing some specific questions, which relate to the health / hygiene of girls / women. Volunteers also work in the areas of a permanent menstruation, safe disposal of pads, creating awareness about issues that address basic development.

The organization is also working on making more pad vending and incinerating machines in public places to ensure that women do not compromise on health due to their menstruation and have easy access to pads in nearby private or public toilets. So far, the team has installed such a machine at the city’s main bus station.

Chitransh has made it his aim to provide healthy life to the women and girls of the village by making them aware of periods and providing them pads.

future plans

Chitransh Saxena is working towards providing employment to low-income women through MyPadBank. ‘vocalforlocal’ They want to install a low-cost, cloth pad making machine. Along with this they look forward to creating a network of women empowerment and employed women who are self reliant and believe in creating a sustainable environment.

Chitransha said,

We also want to create a network of doctors who can address and free women counseling on MHM. We look forward to holding at least 1 workshop every month in the city, which includes at least 100 women.

He further explained, we want to ensure that through our programs and efforts we are able to make our city the first city in the state that uses clean and sustainable sanitation products irrespective of its economic status.

You can also earn a fortune by donating in this noble social initiative run by Chitransh Saxena. To donate click here.

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