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This girl from Jammu starts Ayurveda startup, getting 1 crore turnover with her unique product


It is true that catering plays an important role in better health. Our balanced diet is the basis of a healthy life, because if there are disturbances in food and drink, it will have the opposite effect in our life.

Jammu’s Ridhima Arora Has noticed a major flaw in the current healthcare system during frequent visits to hospitals for his father’s treatment. He observed that the medical industry is a parallel world and there is no mention of foods in preventing and curing diseases. The chasm between home and hospital created an entrepreneurial spirit within him. This was a turning point in his life and he decided to change the way people eat through his healthcare startup.

With these ideas, Ridhima laid the foundation of his startup under the banner of Namahya Foods. This company is developing a habit of consuming healthy food in people. Namahya snacks, breakfast, Ayurvedic tea, every product has Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Tulsi, Arjun-bark etc., which is a healthy option to use them in our everyday food.

Riddhima, who topped in education since childhood, obtained a masters degree after engineering and in business management. After completing his MBA, he also worked as a brand manager for various brands.

An exclusive chat with Riddhima said that working with experienced people always adds a lot of perspective to your thinking and personality. Glad that my brand management career taught me a lot

Riddhima considers that the biggest challenge was to change people’s habits towards healthy choices because changes in the habit of individuals are extremely slow. For this, he took a lot of hard work behind the taste of his products. To make them tasty and tasty, they did many different experiments. They mixed nuts and oats in sattu instead of plain sattu and served it to the public as a delicious instant breakfast with a mixture of jaggery. Research and new experiments are the root cause of their success.

Ridhima says understanding the buyer’s preferences was the most important part of the business. Now that the products are appreciated by consumers, I feel happy.

The company offers a variety of products ranging from foods for snacks and Ayurvedic teas to instant breakfasts. All products are made using Ayurvedic practices as well as being biologically compatible with the human body.

Keeping an eye on online business and international markets, Ridhima strongly believes that there will be a wide shift in the market towards Indian local ingredients based foods. He hopes that this will create a revolution in the coming times and that people will be more serious than themselves, both physically and mentally.

Currently, Ridhima is targeting a turnover of 1 crore in the next one year. His main objective is to help everyone adapt to a healthy lifestyle by changing what people eat. Also, to help people who have lost their jobs and businesses, they have launched a program called Namahya Saathi, where anyone can become a part of the company’s distribution network on retailer margins without any minimum order condition. Many people are able to make additional income through their already established network of WhatsApp groups by joining Muheem.

Ideally, the Ayurveda market in India was valued at around 300 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach 710.87 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate of 16 per cent. In 2018, around 75 percent of Indian households used Ayurvedic products, compared to only 67 per cent in 2015.

There is no doubt that in recent years, as a holistic medical system, Ayurveda has seen growth in the form of Ayurvedic products and services. Increasing awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, a growing preference in favour of chemical-free natural products, as well as a government-friendly initiative has expanded the Ayurveda market in India. In such a situation, the huge business potential in this field cannot be ruled out.

There is no trick to achieve success. Only after various efforts do you reach the true goal of life – a goal that can infuse the best of energy throughout our life. Ridhima has proved this with his success.

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