Home India This edtech startup is accelerating learning for students and hiring for corporates through gamification.

This edtech startup is accelerating learning for students and hiring for corporates through gamification.

This edtech startup is accelerating learning for students and hiring for corporates through gamification.


It is not easy for students and young professionals to stay ahead of the competition. Hyderabad-based EdTech startup EduThrill aims to make travel in the education and HR space easier with its suite of products, so that can be evaluated.

Founded in 2017 by Amit Arora and Leela Kaja, EduThrill uses simplification to deliver testing and evaluation tools. It helps students prepare for competitive exams, accelerates recruitment and training assessment for corporates, institutes to improve the quality of their academics, and prepares job seekers for the jobs of their choice. Is for.

Amit Arora (L) and Leela Kaza

“EduThrill is excellent due to its easy-to-use multilingual interface, low internet requirement and offline enablement. We have also created content that interests the same demographic consumption. Users do not need to invest in expensive gadgets or laptops, and can use EduThrill in freemium models, ”says Amit.

The startup is working to make career-enhancing technology accessible to meritorious students and job seekers, regardless of their geographic location or purchasing power, and help corporate and institutions. The game-based mode of learning helps improve and retain student engagement, with increasing levels and ultimately scores.

The beginning

An alumnus of Delhi University, Amit has over 20 years of experience working in domestic and international companies including Amazon and Trilogy. He held key positions, which led to the development of his business development approach.

He is also the Chief Innovation Officer at Accolite, a $ 50 million + software services organization. In both roles, he oversees marketing and branding functions, among other responsibilities in technology, business and recruitment.

Amit realized the urgent need for an edtech / HR technology platform based on some knowledge gaps identified by himself. He had discussions with his friend and former trilogy colleague Leela and after 30 minutes of discussion in a car, the two decided to build the platform with an investment of around $ 1 million.

EduThrill has since grown into a team of around 50 people spread across Hyderabad and Gurugram.

What does EduThrill offer?

Content and assessment are available for school students from class 6 to 12. It provides free and paid preliminary evaluation for competitive exams like other players such as CAT, UPSC, NDA, RRB, BBA etc.

Students can analyze their current understanding (strengths and weaknesses) based on advanced analysis and make individual learning plans.

EduThrill provided support to conduct classroom sessions seamlessly and prevent cheating in remote tests with AI / ML integration.

Colleges and universities can improve students’ entry and enrollment through the platform’s campus recruitment, training, and expanded placement solutions, allowing students the opportunity to participate in hiring drives and meet their dream companies.

EduThrill’s learning and development solution for corporates helps with employee evaluation, hiring and training, cuts employee screening costs by almost half, and enables assessments from any location to hire or train employees Reduces time to do.

In the fully managed hiring drive model, corporates benefit from the huge pool of passive job seekers that the EduThrill platform allows them to access.

According to Amit, corporates and institutions such as Acer, AAIMS, Accolite, Evernote, and Kuliza have chosen EduThrill as their technology partner for others to like. More than 20 customers are on its B2B side and the startup is aiming to expand it to over 100 in the next nine to 12 months. “India has more than 450,000 active end users of this state-of-the-art world class technology.”

The platform is available in a freemium model for B2C and SaaS-based estimation and fully managed hiring drives for corporates.

The industry landscape

A recent report by RedSeer and Omidyar Network India mapped the EdTech growth in usage from 2019 to 2020 and revealed that EdTech users – both paid and free unique users – saw a surge in the user base in the K12 and post-K12 segments. has gone. Has doubled from 45 million to 90 million.

The coronavirus epidemic has developed rapidly, with everyone realizing the need for digital assessment and learning solutions. Companies and individuals are recognizing the value these solutions bring, even when tapped with traditional solution systems.

“Gamification and continuous personal learning are very powerful tools and extremely useful for distance learning,” says Amit.

Talking about differentiating EduThrill from other players like Mettl, HackerRank, and codeability in the Edtech / HR tech space, Amit says he is the only company capable of learning and assessing through two-minute competitive games Is, it is for reinforcement / developmental learning. Bypassing competitive entrance exams like CAT, or receiving job offers.

EduThrill claims that revenue has increased 200 percent in the last year. The startup is aiming to monitor 500 percent growth and international expansion this year.

“We want to engage 100 million users by 2023 and work with 3,000-4,000 colleges / corporates globally,” says Amit.