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The mercury dropped in the district: To avoid joint pain, put the feet in hot water before sleeping!

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  • Avoid getting up early for a few days, exercise in the morning sun

Yavatmal, The month of December is the coldest month of the chilling cold wave. At present, the temperature in Yavatmal district is 12 degrees. In which the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of crossing and rolling. In rural areas it is very cold in open gardens. The temperature is also lower than in the city.

In such a situation, people suffering from arthritis and joint pain should take special care. Such persons should wear warm clothes. Hand gloves and socks should be worn on the feet. The badger should not come out in the open outside the hot clothes. Everyone should warm their joints with warm water before sleeping.

Along with this, exercise should be done in the gentle sun of the morning. The treatment drug that has been started should be maintained. Experts say that the joints should be heated continuously.

The minimum temperature in the district has dropped to 12 degree Celsius. The cold weather is likely to continue. This can lead to a significant drop in temperature. A temperature below 10 degrees can affect the human body. That’s why not everyone should go out in the cold.

workout everyday

People suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis need special care during cold days. Such people should avoid getting up early in the morning. Cold water should not be used. They should use warm water and exercise as much as possible in the morning sunlight.

Vitamin D requirement

People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and the general population require vitamin D. This vitamin is obtained naturally from the gentle morning sunlight. So in winter, stand in the soft sun in the morning or it is better to stay in this sun for more time. So that there is no deficiency of vitamin D.

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