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The judiciary of the country fulfilled its duty to protect the rights of the people: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday praised the country’s judiciary, saying that it has faithfully performed its duty to protect people’s rights and uphold personal liberty. He said that the judiciary had faithfully performed its duty even in those situations when the national interests needed to be given priority.

In fact, Prime Minister Modi released the postal stamp on the occasion of 60 years of Gujarat High Court. During this, he said that the High Court held the highest number of hearings in the world through video conference during the Coronavirus global epidemic. He also said that the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AIA) are being explored to prepare the country’s justice system for the future.

After issuing the postage stamp, the PM said, “Every countryman can say that our judiciary worked strongly to protect our constitution. Our judiciary has strengthened the constitution by its positive interpretation. Everyone is proud to hear this It appears that our court has become the world’s most hearsay court through video conference during the epidemic. ”

Modi said that the judiciary discharged its duty of protecting the rights of the people, upholding personal liberty, and it performed its duty even in situations when national interests needed to be prioritized. He said that due to the Digital India Mission, the justice system of the country is being modernized rapidly and more than 18,000 courts have been computerized.

Modi lauded the Gujarat High Court, saying that the duty he worked for truth and justice and the readiness he showed for his constitutional duties, has strengthened both the Indian judicial system and India’s democracy. Modi congratulated him on the Diamond Jubilee of the High Court, saying that the court and the bar have carved out a distinct identity due to their understanding and scholarship.

He said, “Trust in the courts has instilled confidence in the mind of the common citizen. It has given him the strength to stand up for the truth. When we discuss the contribution of the judiciary in the journey of the country from independence till now, We also discuss the contribution of “Bar”. ” He said that the rule of law in Indian society has been the basis of civilization and social fabric for centuries. Citing ancient texts, the Prime Minister said that justice is the foundation of Suraj.

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