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The indigenous Jhabua Doll in the world of Barbie Doll! These tribal dolls made by hand will soon get GI tag

There is no shortage of talent in India, there is a shortage, it is just that they do not get the identity for which they are entitled. Now take the handicrafts of India. You will get such wonderful things made by hand, after which you will not be able to live without praising them.

The tribal doll is one such magnificent piece of wonderful art. Today we tell you what a tribal doll is and why it is in such a discussion these days:

The amazing art of tribals

Tribals of Madhya Pradesh, Jhabua make dolls with their own hands. This doll is known as tribal doll. This amazing and fine art of the tribals is going to find a place in the list of heritage items like tea of ​​Darjeeling, Feni of Goa and Alphonso mango of Maharashtra. The tribal doll is now going to get GI tag. This very beautiful looking doll making art of Madhya Pradesh is a legacy of Bhil and Bhilala tribals. Bhil and Bhilal are found in Gujarat and Rajasthan apart from Madhya Pradesh. Because this unique art does not become extinct somewhere, now the art of making this doll is going to get GI or Geographical Indication tag. With this, these hand-made toys will be recognized globally.

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Such a step is also true because the tribal doll makers do not get the right price for the doll due to lack of publicity, which is reducing their employment and more than half of the people leave the making of dolls in other works. Are engaged. At the same time, after getting GI tag, these people will get the courage to make dolls again.

This is how these dolls get prepared

Jhabua Tribal Doll

Explain that mainly seven handicraft artefacts in Jhabua, Alirajpur have national and international recognition. These include tribal dolls of Jhabua, Galsan necklace, wooden bullock cart, Paw Dari, Pithora art (painting) of Bhavra, block print of Jobat and bamboo art of Kattiwada. Tribal dolls are made of cloth and thin wires. Till it has not got GI tag, then this doll is purchased from tribals for hundred and twenty-five hundred. At the same time, after going to the market, its price increases from 200 to 250. After getting the GI tag, this doll can be purchased directly from its original owner ie the tribals. With which they will be able to get a fair price for this doll.

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They will also get a GI tag

Of the 370 GI tag products selected by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade DPIIT under the Ministry of Commerce, only 50 products are of tribal origin. This list also includes medicinal seabuckthorn plants prepared by Yak wool, Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh tribes. Additionally, this list also includes wooden bows and arrows made by the Bhil tribe in Banswara, Rajasthan, Kali Longpi pottery of Manipur and black rice, traditional Himachali cap, Lahuli socks and bamboo flute of Chhattisgarh. Stories of many tribes are associated with these products considered heritage. Saving them will mean that we are saving our tribal siblings.

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