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The effect of bedroom is different in every direction, know here the architecture of bedroom

A bedroom is an important place in the house, we spend about eight hours a day, one-third of the time in the bedroom. Whereas women spend more time in the bedroom because they do many things sitting in the bedroom. Apart from the home owner’s bedroom, the children’s bedroom and the elderly parent’s bedroom are also important. Let us know about all these bedroom Vastu in this article.

Before knowing the effect of bedroom in every direction, let us understand some common architectural rules. There are some simple rules of an ideal bedroom when you sleep your head should not be facing north. Try not to be too west. Yes, if there is no other option, then you can go west.

The most appropriate is to head south or east. There should be a solid wall behind the bed and no window. No part of the bed should reflect on a mirror. There should not be any ceiling beam above the bed and there should be no box in the bed nor shoes and slippers should be placed under the bed.

We use the bedroom for sleep and hygiene. Healing that occurs at the time of good deep sleep and sleep is found by following the basic architectural rules given above.

Vastu Shastra describes the effect of the bedroom in different directions. First of all, stand in the middle of the house and determine the directions with the mobile compass. Specifically, mark the north-east, south-east, south-west and north-west directions.

The bedroom in the North East is described for a son younger than fifteen. A married couple should not sleep in the bedroom of this direction. Here if the married couple sleeps then there are chances of divorce or separation and the risk of going to the job also increases. Sleeping here increases the chances of disappointment in life. Apart from the son, the sleeping place of the elderly can also be made here.

In the south-east, which is called Agni-Kon in Vastu, the daughter’s bedroom of the house can be made here. Married couples, who desire reproduction, do not make their bedroom in a fire-angle room.

The south-west room is most suitable for the owner of the house. According to Vastu, the south-west is the place of the earth and when the home-owner sleeps in this room, his life automatically starts becoming stable. This corner has power, planning, foresight and the power of the power to face problems.

Use the northwest room either as a guest room or make a daughter’s room in the house. In addition, the bedroom in the east or south direction is suitable for everyone. If the homeowner is a businessman, he can also choose the bedroom in the west direction.

The bedroom door should be such that the person lying on the bed can see the door. It is helpful for deep sleep.

Never place a place of worship in the bedroom. It is better to not have a house in the house, but it should never be in the bedroom.

Diffusing aroma oils such as lavender in the bedroom, so that its mild aroma helps in good sleep and relaxation prevailing in the room.

Acharya Manoj Shrivastava is a Vastu Consultant and Astrologer with more than twenty years of corporate leadership experience. He has previously held senior positions in large corporate houses such as Airtel, Reliance and MTS. Nowadays, he is fully serving as a Vastu Consultant and Astrologer.

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