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The death toll is increasing, the number of infected has decreased

The death toll is increasing, the number of infected has decreased

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  • 4,033 new positives
  • 08 death
  • 23,701 Active Cases
  • 857 patients admitted in hospitals

Nagpur. The number of corona infected decreased on Saturday compared to Friday. While 4,763 positives were found on Friday, 4,033 were found infected on Saturday. About 700 infected have been reduced but the number of dead is increasing. 8 positive patients died within 24 hours. The increasing number of dead every day has increased the concern of the administration. The number of corona infected has decreased but the situation still remains serious.

Within 24 hours, 4,033 infected were found in the district. These include the infected of 2,991 city and 909 rural. Whereas 133 infected people from outside the district were included. In this way, the total number of patients in the district has gone up to 5,30,450. Among the dead, 5 are from city, 1 rural and 2 from outside the district. So far 19,162 people have lost their lives due to Corona. Meanwhile, a total of 13,884 people were investigated. At present, the active case is 23,701. Although 2,043 people have recovered, but due to the increasing number of infected, the recovery rate has come down to 93.62 percent.

The number of serious patients started increasing

While on the one hand the figures of the dead are increasing every day, on the other hand those admitted to the hospitals are also increasing. Apart from the district, patients from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh are also coming. Till Saturday, a total of 857 patients were admitted in private hospitals including Medical, Mayo, AIIMS. Till last week, only about 200 patients were admitted in the hospitals, but now with the increase in the number, the situation is also getting serious. It was told that those patients are being admitted in the hospitals who already have other diseases along with difficulty in breathing. At the same time, there is no reduction in cold, patients with vomiting are also being admitted. Some serious patients are admitted in ICU. Doctors say that even now many people are negligent. Recruitment is done only when the health is very bad.

Can’t control the crowd

On the one hand, the infected are increasing. On the other hand, the crowd in public places including markets is not decreasing. On Saturday, there was a huge crowd in the markets in other parts including Birdi, Gandhibagh, Itwari, Jaripatka, Sakkardara. Many people are roaming without masks, so how will Corona be controlled? However, the district administration has empowered the police department to take action regarding masks. Despite this, people are being careless.