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Suzuki Hayabusa is ready to rock again, know all the details including the features

The legendary Japanese auto manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation has launched the next generation model of its superbike Suzuki Hayabusa in the market. This is the third generation model of this bike, which the company officially presented to the world on Friday. The new bike will be sold worldwide, whose sales will begin in Europe by the end of this month. Following the European markets, the bike will later be launched in Japan and North America. After this it is expected to come in the Indian market.

The new 2021 Hayabusa has seen many major changes. The third-generation model gets a sharp-looking exterior design with dual-tone body colors. The front has a built-in position lights with turn signal and an all-LED headlight. These lights are placed on the outer edges of the front air intake, as seen in the previous model.

The twin analog clock of the instrument console of the company has also been updated. It now has a small TFT panel in the middle of the analog dial with 1,340CC inline four-cylinder. Despite the update, the instrument console still looks like a fairly old-school bike. Other updates to the new Suzuki Hayabusa include a multi-engine power mode, a quick shifter, and new electronic suspension.

It has a 1,340 cc, inline 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that now complies with Euro 5 emission standards. This engine is equipped with a ride-by-wire electronic throttle system. It may also include a Comprehensive Electronics Suite, which includes an Inert Measurement Unit (IMU) that will power the cornering ABS and traction control system.

The first generation model of Suzuki Hayabusa was introduced by the company in 1998, which was sold until 2007. After this, in 2008, the company launched its second-generation model in the market which was still selling. Now the company has also officially launched its third-generation model. There are considerable expectations from its next-generation model.

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