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Suspension of 139 resolutions made a difference, today the resolution was passed only after discussion in the General Assembly of the Municipality

  • Gopikisan Bajoria

Akola. In the general meeting held on 29 October 2021 in Akola Municipality, 139 resolutions passed without discussion have been passed illegally. I had complained about this to the Urban Development Department, after which the state government had ordered an inquiry, suspending 139 proposals by an order.

But I am happy that today the resolutions of the previous meeting were again placed in the general assembly of Akola Municipal Corporation and they were passed after discussion by the councillors. These views were expressed by former MLA Gopikisan Bajoria in the Patra Parishad held in his office today. He said that a healthy tradition has started in Akola Municipality, for which he is happy.

motions were passed without discussion

Gopikisan Bajoria said that some resolutions were put forward in the general assembly of Akola Municipality, after which a large number of resolutions were passed at the exact time of the meeting without discussion, without taking the councilors into confidence. It is true that very important resolutions can be put in the general assembly with the permission of the mayor, but it is completely unfair and illegal to pass a large number of resolutions without informing anyone. Today that tradition has come to a complete stop. After the last many years, it has happened today that the resolutions in the general assembly of the Municipality have been passed only after discussion.

complained, so notice

Former MLA Gopikisan Bajoria said that he had complained to the government about Akola Municipal Corporation, that is why his office located on Mahatma Gandhi Road has been given notice by the Municipal Corporation that his office building is illegal. Bajoria said that the building of this office does not belong to the Bajoria family.

Despite this, if action is to be taken, then action should be taken on all the buildings adjoining this building as per rules. He told that there is another place Angoori Residency in the city, notice has also been given to that building, the special thing is that both these notices have been sent to me while these buildings do not belong to Bajoria family. Sanjay Bajoria, Nikesh Gupta were prominently present on this occasion.

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