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Strong increase in gram, most expensive in 3 years; Why are sentiments increasing

Due to Covid 19, during this period of economic pressure, the plate of common man’s food is also becoming expensive. After potato, onion, tomato and mustard, there is also a strong boom in gram. Prices of all types of pulses are rising rapidly at this time. Talking about a gram, it is about 3 years high. In the spot market, the price of a gram is going beyond Rs 5300 per quintal. It is believed that due to increasing festive demand, the price of gram can reach 5800-5850 rupees in the coming days.

Chana prices rise more than anticipated

Ajay Kedia, managing director of Kedia Advisory, said that the rapid that he is seeing in gram is more than expected. Two to three months ago, there was a trend of increase in the prices of gram, but this time the increase is more than expected and now the festive season is going on due to which some time and its price is not expected to soften.

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The government can control prices with import duty

If the increase in the price of gram is very high, the government can boost its import by cutting the import duty of gram. This will increase the arrival of gram and its price will break.

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Price of gram will depend on sowing

One reason for the increase in the price of gram is visible at this time, this time there is a delay of about 15 days in sowing. Due to delay of 15 days, prices of gram are continuously increasing. According to Ajay Kedia, bumper sowing is expected this time and then the price of gram will go down. March will come in the sowing crop, then what does it have to do with tenderness in the price of gram, Ajay Kedia said that those who have stock of gram in the event of sowing bumper, They will be brought out, which will increase the arrival of gram and the price of gram will break. However, in the event of gram sowing being normal or less, a lot of decrease in prices cannot be expected.

The cost of pulses will be tightened: Demand for imports pulses

Prices may fall when sowing data comes

According to government data, the production for 2019-20 has been 14.1 million tonnes of gram as per the fourth advance data as compared to 99.4 lakh tonnes in the last time in 2018-19. According to the data, the production of gram in 2019-20 has not increased much compared to the previous season. Figures for gram sowing will be revealed between October and November. After its figures are revealed, its expressions can be broken. According to Ajay Kedia, managing director of Kedia Advisory, in the case of bumper sowing, gram prices can be broken down to 4400-4500.

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Source: www.financialexpress.com

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