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Sources of success! Follow these tips to pass the interview, selection will be done easily


Every person works at some time or the other. Often the most important and decisive step on the path to a prestigious job is an interview.

Job interviews are part of the job placement process. An interview with an employer is a bit stressful for any professional, so it is very important to know how to behave during the interview and answer the questions asked by an interviewer or recruiter.

A lot depends on how you behave during the interview, how you are answering questions, and whether you are convinced that it is you who will work in this company.

So, we are going to tell you the most important tips to crack any interview. If you follow the things mentioned here, then you can easily crack any job interview.

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Talk don’t worry

At the time of the interview, recruiters recommend that you also ask them questions. But these should not be meaningless questions.

Prepare questions in advance about the post (s) for which you are applying, about the company, about your business, about the structure of the enterprise, etc. and then – Answers to further smart questions Listen to give and respond.

This is called conversation. The longer you can maintain it without getting tired, the better. A casual conversation goes well beyond the standard for a 20–30 minute interview, well done.

Create data for company and job details

Before the interview go to the company website where you are going to get a job, read the information about their activities, working hours and facilities.

This will allow you to navigate the topics and questions that will be asked in the interview. Remember that not only are you interested in working, look closely and understand if everything suits you. You read the reviews of the company as an employer. Learn more about the position you are applying for.

It is important to not only imagine what you need but also to create a better story about yourself.

Respect the time

Reach any job interview a little ahead of time. Arriving late will indicate your non-punctuality and optionality.

If you think you are late for a few minutes, call and let us know about it. Arriving at the meeting, turn off the mobile phone. If you are asked to wait, do not be angry.

Do not make any appointments immediately after the interview – you may be late in the interview, the interviewer/employer may be delayed.

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Wear professional dress

Simple but valuable advice: One day before the interview, go to the front of the company building at the end of the workday, see the people leaving.

You will get some idea of ​​what is accepted there and what is not. No need to buy a new suit. Just try to look good. The main thing is not to overdo it.

As long as you know which dress code is accepted in this company and whether it is there, choose the classics.

According to the results of one research, grey and blue colors lead to more confidence. Pants, classic skirts, coats, jackets – this is the one that would be suitable for the interview.

Create your own information

Please behave openly, share information. Sometimes the applicant does not answer questions, saying that it is a commercial secret, despite the fact that all information is available on the Internet.

This behaviour is worrying for employers. Also, I do not advise you to resent you for asking questions about your personal life.

It is normal if a young woman is asked if she is married, how many children are in the family and who they will live within the event of illness. The Employer wants to see you as a reliable and permanent employee.

But the opposite is also true when the applicant reveals too much personal information, which is completely inappropriate. So give information thoughtfully.

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Be ready to tell about your old work

Before the interview, think about what you want to talk about, which qualifications and achievements you have to focus on.

Don’t make a speech too long, choose the main thing. Tell us about your successes, prove your professionalism.

It is great if you can give some specific examples with numbers. In addition, its rehearsal will help you stutter and avoid stagnation.

Don’t get criticized

If you are going to a job interview in another company to switch jobs, then take special care that you do not condemn your current employer. You can talk about problems in general, but don’t speak wrongly about the boss. You also have a boss in front of you.

Beware of requests to criticize the activities of the company in which you want to work.

In search of truth, there should be a conscience. Start with the fact that, as a whole, everything suits you, otherwise you would not be here. Talk about future opportunities, rather than past mistakes.

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Avoid negativity

It is possible that in the previous job you had a problem talking with colleagues or seniors because people are different. However, do not focus on it and elaborate.

So, if you are asked a question about your negative experience, try to give short answers as accurately and as far as possible.

Give as many interviews as possible

Every new interview is an experience through which you become smarter, more professional and more confident in yourself.

Even if you are not willing to change the job right now, it gives you confidence if you give an interview.

You will be able to understand how much you are “in the market”, evaluate your opportunities, make business contacts, feel in time that you have sat at your current workplace and decide where to go.

Finish your interview professionally

When the interview is over, say thank you for giving your time to the employer, ask when you will get a response. You can also clarify whether you should call and remind yourself, and at what time it is better to do it.

So make sure that your resume looks professional and you are confident in the interview.

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