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Scientists have developed cheaper ventilators, the price is just this much!


According to scientists, the new invention is based on the simple principle, in which the process of pressing the bag itself has been added.

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Scientists have developed emergency ventilators using standard equipment costing less than $ 400 that can be used in the event of not having more complex technology ventilators.

This innovation can help save the lives of Covid-19 patients.

In a simple ventilator, doctors hand-press a bag that supplies oxygen to the patient’s lungs, while the version of the high-technology ventilator uses complex electronic devices to control various parameters (oxygen levels, etc.) of the patient’s body. Is done for, However, the study published in MedRxive states that it is economical and automatically suppresses the oxygen bag which supplies oxygen to the patient’s lungs.

Martin Breidenbach, co-author of the paper at Stanford University in the US, said,

“We wanted to make simple tools that are effective.” Our very small ventilator is exactly the same and we want to use it as much as possible. ”

Researchers, including scientists at Stanford University, said that the ventilator is life-saving for those who do not breathe well on their own, and this is a common problem in serious patients with Covid-19.

He told that this device suppresses oxygen-rich air and then passes it through the tube to the lungs, which reduces lung shrinkage and helps in taking oxygen. After this, there is automatic shrinkage in the lungs and they release air out.

According to scientists, the new invention is based on the simple principle, in which the process of pressing the bag itself has been added.

He added that the new system combines modern and inexpensive electronic pressure sensors, microcomputers with complex software that controls the process of pressing the bag.

According to the study, the microcomputer in the ventilator also has a small control panel through which the operator can control the system. He can also control it through his laptop.

In the last month, many cheap emergency ventilators have been developed all over the world, but scientists believe that the version of ventilator developed by them is the best.

They said that they can manufacture this ventilator for less than $ 400, while the cost of a professional class ventilator is 20 thousand dollars or more.

Stanford University co-author Michael Bressek said,

“Ventilators of this quality are especially beneficial for middle and low income countries where there is a shortage of medical resources.”

The research team or university has not produced or distributed these ventilators, but the researchers say that after getting regulatory approval, they will give the technology of this ventilator to those who want to produce it on a cost basis.

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