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Schools closed without planning, students again away from studies; effect on mental state

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  • Only 60 percent students are attending
  • 30 percent girls deprived of education
  • No online system for 40 percent

Nagpur. Due to Corona, the train of education in schools has been derailed for the last two years. The government has also agreed that not all students get benefit in online study. Even after this, the school is being closed without planning. This is not only causing academic loss to the students, but also mental consequences. Teachers’ organizations say that the government should plan before closing the school. Mobiles, tabs should be given to poor and needy students. Only then the objective of online study will be fulfilled in true sense.

School has not been regularized since the emergence of Corona. Initially the school remained closed for about 4-5 months. There was relief for a few days but even after it was closed again. School was started once again in November but all classes had to be closed in January this year. Due to frequent closure of schools, teachers are also facing difficulties in planning teaching.

dire situation in the future

According to a study, only about 60 percent of the students in the district are able to join online studies. These are also not regular. Schools of government and rural parts are giving online homework instead of online studies. Due to this the syllabus is not being completed. Students who lack resources. They are moving away from the mainstream of education.

Not only this, about 30 percent of the girls in rural areas are completely away from education. In the future, this figure is frightening. According to the teachers’ organizations, it is also necessary to protect the students from corona, but it is equally important to pay attention to the loss of studies. At present everything is open but only the schools have been kept closed. Smart phones, tabs etc. should be distributed to poor and needy students.

The state education department has not identified any signs of the future. Homework has not been done on the third wave to ensure that not a single student is deprived of education in the state. The government has turned a blind eye to the campaign ‘My students, my responsibility’. The state government should spend funds on education. There are many such students from rural and urban areas who neither have mobile nor money for net pack. Facilities like mobile, tab should be provided to these students. Only after this online education should be started. – Prof. Sapan Nehrotra, General Secretary, Teacher Bharti

There is a strange situation in the state regarding education. Even before this online education was started but it could not be successful. Many students had to face technical difficulties. Due to this, along with academic loss, mental problems are also happening. Students from rural parts are getting away from education. The government does not even have an answer as to when the corona will end. This is the reason why needy students should be strengthened from the technical point of view. It is the responsibility of the government to give them smart phones, tabs. The government cannot turn its back on its responsibility. – Yogesh Ban, Carew, Maharashtra State Council of Teachers

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