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Scam in Saharanpur MNREGA scheme, officials are only putting government schemes

Uttar Pradesh:No one but the officials have a hand in tarnishing the government’s plans and this has happened in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, where the officials are putting the government’s plans. Under the MNREGA scheme, fake job cards are being monopolized by money, employment servants, village head and village development officers and the money of the poor is being distributed with the connivance of many other officials.

On the one hand, the BJP government is engaged in eradicating corruption, but its officials are seen misusing the money coming in the BJP government’s scheme and heating their pockets, due to which poor people are not getting employment. Let me tell you that a big scam has come out in the MNREGA scheme from village Behera Sandal Singh Khurd of Block Muzaffarabad in Saharanpur district, in which job cards made under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, which provide 100 days of employment to poor laborers, some There are people who are doing jobs in Delhi and in collusion with Rojgar Sevak and Gram Pradhan their photo is on Jamb card, but the name on Jamb card is of someone else.

Similarly, the government’s money is being distributed. Let us tell you that there are 188 job cards in this village, some of which are fake, many of which are not going to come to work, have just got the government to get a grant of ₹ 1000. Some job cards have been fake since 2016, these job cards have been created by people who work in private companies in Delhi or any other state, their accounts are shown working in village roads or other works and their Money is put into accounts. Some of this money is given to the job card holder and the remaining money is taken from the job card holder by the employment servant or village head. Under this scheme, the money is being distributed in the accounts of those people who have been working in Delhi for many years.

With the connivance of the employment servant, the village head, the wages in the MGNREGA have shown that the scheme is getting work continuously. Now the officials are seen misusing this money, due to which the money of government schemes is not reaching the poor. If seen, similar cases will come up in most gram panchayats, but who will investigate the scam of this scheme when the officials are involved in the money.

It is obvious that the responsibility on stopping corruption is on the shoulders of those who are careless when they will join the scamsters. The scam officials are seen leaving no stone unturned to discredit the government.






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