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Sabotage in vegetable market to give week to Pimpri

Pimpri: If they want to sell vegetables here, then a week of one thousand rupees will have to be given every month. Giving this threat, the incident of a gang vandalizing vegetable vendors’ carts has come to the fore in Chikhli-Morbasti of Pimpri-Chinchwad. A case has been registered against Sunil Ramesh Ibrahimpurkar, Prashant Shivaji Haldmani, Akash Babu Nadvinmani, John, Vikas (all residents of Sinhagad Colony, Chikhali, Pune) and two to three of their associates in this regard. A complaint has been lodged against him by Zaheeruddin Jafiruddin Shah (37), a resident of Ashtavinayak Chowk, Morevasti, Chikhali at Chikhali police station.

According to information received from the police, Wadi Shah and others sell vegetables in the vegetable market located at Ashtavinayak Chowk-Morvasti. The accused involved in the hooliganism in the area had come to the vegetable market. He demanded from every seller to give one thousand rupees a week every month. For this Shah refused. The accused also demanded a week from other 15 to 20 handcart owners in the vegetable market. Other vegetable vendors also refused. If you do not pay us, then we will see how you sell vegetables, the accused threatened and left the vegetable market and after sometime came back with wooden sticks and saws.

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threatened to kill

In the vegetable market, the accused beat up the vegetable vendors while abusing and overturned the vegetable carts. The citizens of Bhaji Mandai started running out of fear. Now this is a warning to all of you. The accused threatened to kill him if he did not give the week. Faujdar Kiran Kanase is investigating the case.

Pistol shown to shopkeeper for ransom

In another incident, the incident happened in Sainagar-Gahunje after entering the shop and showing a pistol and demanding ransom from the shopkeeper. Dinesh Mangilal Chaudhary (32) has lodged a complaint at Talegaon-Dabhade police station. Accordingly, a case has been registered against Deva Jamadar.

Case registered in Dehurod police station

Wadi Chowdhary has a shop in Sainagar called Sai Trading Company. Wadi Choudhary, his mother, father and workers were at the shop on Monday night. The accused had come to Deva’s shop around 10 pm. He asked for money from Chaudhary, when Chaudhary refused, Deva took out the pistol, loaded it and pointed it at Chaudhary. He threatened to kill them. When his mother came inside, God threatened to kill him with a pistol. Assistant Police Inspector Ganesh Patil is investigating. Along with this, the accused Deva Jamadar vandalized a house in Mamurdi and demanded 15 thousand to 20 thousand rupees from a 48-year-old woman. When the woman refused to pay the money, the accused Deva pointed a pistol at her and threatened to kill her. A case has been registered against Deva at Dehurod police station.

Shop and vehicles vandalized

In the third incident, both the youths barged into the clothes shop and demanded a week from the employee there and vandalized the shop and two vehicles in front of the shop. The incident took place on Monday (December 10) at 9.30 pm at Rubab Men’s Wear shop in Rupinagar. In this regard, Rohan Charandas Lott (24-year-old, Rupinagar, Talwade) has lodged a complaint at Chikhali police station. Wadi Lot works in textile shop Rubab Mens Wear in Rupinagar. Both came to the shop on Monday night. Demanding him to give Hafta, threatened to demolish the shop. The defendants broke the shop counter and the entrance glass, Lott asked to speak to the owner. After this, the rickshaw and car standing in front of the shop was vandalized and damaged. Faujdar Vivek Kumatkar is investigating.

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