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Here we are presenting before you briefly some of the best stories published this week, which you can also read in detail by clicking on the link given with them.

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D. Rupa Maudgil, who became the first woman home secretary of Karnataka, has always been raising voice for women’s empowerment, on the other hand, Chandrakala Rao of Rajasthan, in the memory of her footballer brother, herself decided to make a career in this field and today she is a coach She is also teaching children the lesson of equality with sports.

We have published some similar stories this week. Here we are presenting them briefly before you, with which you can read them in detail by clicking on the given link.

First woman home secretary of the state

Karnataka's first woman home secretary D. Rupa Moudgil
Karnataka’s first woman home secretary D. Rupa Moudgil

D Rupa Maudgil, who became the first woman home secretary of Karnataka, has always been a voice for women’s empowerment. These IPS officers of 2002 batch also inspire women to stand up and fight for their rights.

Talking about this, D Rupa says,

“If we have a dream, we have to chase it continuously and this courage to work towards the dream starts at home. We need to do away with the socially assigned roles of men and women – that girls help the mother in the kitchen while the boys help the father in the market. ”

You can read more about these IPS officers here.

Football coach became in memory of brother

Chandrakala is teaching both girls and boys equality through sports.
Chandrakala is teaching both girls and boys equality through sports.

Eight years ago, when Chandrakala Rao’s brother, who was also a star football player himself and had raised the state’s stature in the national football tournament playing for Rajasthan, died in a road accident, it was a very difficult time for Chandrakala. . His brother was a football guru for him and she considered him his inspiration. Her brothers used to cheer her brother and his team whenever he played football.

In a conversation with Yourstory he said,

“I loved watching them play. I used to watch their movements very closely. I used to celebrate each of his targets, as if I was part of his team. “

Later, Chandrakala, fond of playing football, decided to stay connected with the game of football following his brother’s footsteps and today he is a well-known football coach. You can read this story of Chandrakala in detail here.

Quit government job

Dr. Hradesh Chaudhary is a pioneer in educating the children of the nomadic caste.
Dr. Hradesh Chaudhary is a pioneer in educating the children of the nomadic caste.

The story of Dr. Hradesh Chaudhary, who quit his central government teacher’s job for the education of children belonging to poor and tribal tribes, is very inspiring. In the year 2011, for the education of these children playing on the roadside, Dr. Hradesh resigned from his government job.

She says

“Education is the right of all, so these children should also get education. By reading and writing, these children can also play an important role in building a better society and nation. “

Dr. Hradesh has also been awarded the Malala Award for his commendable work. You can read his story full of inspiration here.

Special is ‘Chokhahar’

Jenny Chaudhary, Founder of Chokhahar
Jenny Chaudhary, Founder of Chokhahar

Udaipur, the city of lakes and the capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Mewar, is synonymous with history, royalty, palaces, culture and traditions. Inspired by the rich culture of Udaipur, Jenny Choudhary launched Chokhahar, an online and offline marketplace in 2019, offering a range of silver jewellery.

Madhuri Dixit and Moni Roy have also worn Jenny’s silver accessories. Jenny’s brand ‘Chokhahar’ is moving fast today with the objective of making a place in this luxury market. You can read the full story of Chokhahar here.

40 million mangoes sold in lockdown

Kapil Sorathia
Kapil Sorathia

While the nationwide lockdown implemented due to the corona virus epidemic has created major problems for the farmers, at the same time there is a farmer who has succeeded in doing business of Rs 40 lakhs through saffron mangoes. Today, mangoes are in demand in almost all parts of India as well as abroad.

Kapil Sorathia, who lives in Rajkot, Gujarat, has started his career in mango business just 2 years ago and started making profits from the first year itself. Kapil was offering his services as an IT engineer earlier, but the desire to do something different drew him to this mango business. Kapil, you can read this special story in detail here.

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