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Monday, October 25, 2021

Political fight erupted on Facebook, Whatsapp, Srinivas said- It is dangerous for BJP to influence public opinion through apps

new Delhi. The Indian Youth Congress has expressed deep concern over the alliance of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Facebook to control public opinion. According to the American newspaper Wall Street General, Facebook deliberately ignored hate and communal posts based on the BJP’s agenda due to its commercial interests.

National President of Indian Youth Congress Srinivas B.V. Talking to the Hindi news said, ‘For a fair election, public opinion needs to be fair, but the Bharatiya Janata Party and RSS are now working with a foreign company like Facebook to influence the country’s public opinion and elections, which the country Is dangerous for

He said that it is unfortunate for Facebook not to ban BJP MLA T Raja Singh. T Raja Singh’s politics is also based on hate, violence, division and communalism like the BJP.

Raja Singh’s endorsement by Facebook’s India head Aankhi Das shows that the BJP’s communal and hate agenda has been promoted by Facebook for its commercial gains, which is shameful. ‘

He said, Modi government is continuously suppressing democracy in the country and running propaganda of hatred and communalism for control of Facebook and WhatsApp for their own benefit.

wife. Said that the place in the country is shrinking due to the voice of disagreement, in such a situation, it is worrying and shameful for the country to control communal and hate agenda by controlling Facebook and WhatsApp.

In fact, Wall Street General, quoting an insider from Facebook, has revealed that Facebook’s India policy head Aankhi Das interfered in the company’s internal content review process to further the BJP’s hated agenda and BJP MLA Raja from Telangana Singh was not allowed to be banned on Facebook.

Raja Singh’s post was communal and belonged to the Muslim community. Srinivas said, ‘This unholy relationship between the Bharatiya Janata Party and Facebook cannot be in the interest of the people of any democratic country. Facebook has also been accused of selling personal data in the past.

He asked the question, ‘Is this why Facebook supports the BJP’s troll army, who carry forward the hateful agenda of the BJP through ugly streets and fake news? Should Facebook make people with ties to the ruling party a policy head?

He demanded that Facebook should take disciplinary and criminal action against those involved in this manipulation being done in his company for the benefit of the ruling BJP.

Also, the Parliamentary Committee should take appropriate action by taking cognizance of this unholy alliance between BJP and Facebook. The ruling BJP should clarify this and clarify the situation in front of the people of the country.


Report: Shivam Pratap Singh, correspondent



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