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Passengers on the roads waiting for buses, passengers got relief due to increase in bus ferry

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Gadchiroli, For the last two and a half months, the Rapni employees’ strike has started. Due to which the condition of the passengers of the district has become miserable. Due to the closure of buses, passengers are forced to resort to private vehicles. Meanwhile, due to the sudden start of about 15 busferries going in and out of Gadchiroli district for the last few days, the passengers of the district have got some relief.

But due to not reaching the said buses on time, the passengers have to wait for the buses for hours. On Wednesday morning, many passengers were waiting for buses on Chamorshi Marg of the city. But as the bus did not arrive for a long time, there was disappointment among the passengers.

Gadchiroli department will not recruit private drivers

On the one hand, private drivers are being recruited in view of the inconvenience being caused to the passengers due to the strike of the employees of the state in different districts of the state. Due to which the operation of buses has increased in many districts. But in Gadchiroli district, no order has been received regarding the recruitment of private drivers. There will be no recruitment of private drivers in Gadchiroli, Bramhapuri and Aheri depots under Gadchiroli Departmental Control Office, such information has been received from Gadchiroli depot.

arbitrariness of private vehicle holders continues

Due to the ongoing strike of RAPani employees since last two and a half months, the bus services of RAPani were completely affected in the entire district. Due to which the passengers have to resort to private vehicles. In the present situation, some busferia of Rapani has started. But due to non-arrival of the said buses on time, the passengers still have to rely on private vehicles. In such a situation, private vehicle holders are seen doing arbitrariness by charging more money from the passengers along with putting more passengers in the vehicles than the capacity. Due to which the concerned department needs to pay serious attention to this.

Employees’ strike will continue

The employees who are on strike here told that, since the last two and a half months, the employees are on strike for their main demand. The strike has started between the cold and famine rain. But till now the demand of the employees is not being given serious attention by the government. Along with this, the employees have been left with Ram Bharosa. Due to which the strike will continue till the demand is fulfilled, such a thing has been said by the Rapani employees of Gadchiroli.

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