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One murder every four days in Pimpri-Chinchwad, 83 murder cases registered in 2021

Pimpri: In view of increasing urbanization, a separate Police Commissionerate was established for Pimpri-Chinchwad to check criminal incidents and maintain law and order. However, criminal incidents do not seem to be decreasing anywhere. Serious criminal incidents like murder, attempt to murder, rape have increased in the city. If we look at the figures of murder incidents in the last year i.e. 2021, then one murder is taking place in the city every four days. In 2020 this proof was five and a half days. A total of 83 murder cases have been registered till December 2021.

Minor quarrels and resulting outrage are the most common causes of murder. Seeing each other gleefully has led to personal fights, murders. In addition there have been murders for financial transactions, drug addiction, prejudice as well as sexual reasons. There were 76 murders between January and November 2021, while seven were killed in December alone. Out of 83 crimes committed during the year, 77 cases have been solved by the police.

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Gang war was also experienced in the city

The city experienced gang war in December. A criminal was shot dead by criminals throughout the day in Sangvi police station area. After this the accused left challenging the police. The police commissioner had to go to nab the accused. During the arrest of the accused in this case, an encounter also took place between the accused and the police. Eventually the police caught the accused.

Killed due to minor reasons

After Sangvi, a wrestler was shot dead in the limits of Chakan police station. The accused in this case have also been arrested by the police. As the number of shootings and killings continues to rise, the question has also emerged as to where these weapons come from. Even the smallest reason is enough to commit a serious crime like murder. Murders have also taken place due to minor reasons like taking the car on the side, hitting the car, looking with glee, touching the alleged sister. The most serious issue is the involvement of minors in many other crimes including murder. Teenagers are turning to crime. It is this cancer that has plagued the development of the city. There is a need to think about this and come up with a concrete solution.

murders during the year

  • January – 2
  • February – 8
  • March – 4
  • April – 7
  • May – 5
  • June – 4
  • July – 5
  • August – 12
  • September – 14
  • October – 6
  • November – 8
  • December – 7
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