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Friday, January 28, 2022

Omicron cases increased in Kerala, 59 new cases surfaced


New Delhi: The number of Omicron Updates is increasing continuously in the country. The new variant of Corona has so far spread in many states. Meanwhile, the threat of Kerala Omicron Updates has increased even more in Kerala. 59 more Omicron cases have been reported in the state. The total number of Omicron cases in the state has now increased to 480.

Quoting the Kerala Health Department, ANI said that 59 more Omicron cases have been confirmed in Kerala. Today out of 59 cases, 42 are from low risk countries while 5 from high risk countries and 9 through contact, and 3 from other states. The total number of Omicron cases in the state has now increased to 480.

Let us inform that, according to the data released on Thursday, the maximum number of 2,47,417 new cases of corona virus have been reported in the country in 236 days, which includes 5,488 cases of Omicron form. With this, the total number of cases of the epidemic has increased to 3,63,17,927.

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According to the data, there were 620 cases of Omicron form in the country in a day which is the highest ever and with this the cases of this form of corona virus have increased to 5,488. Of these, 2,162 people have become healthy or have left the country.

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