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Number of corona infected increasing in the district, number of active patients exceeds 200

  • Infection increased in Gadchiroli tehsil

Gadchiroli, The third wave of Corona has created a ruckus in the state. In the tribal-dominated Gadchiroli district settled at the extreme end of such a state, the situation is visible for the past few days as the third wave of Corona has entered. Since the last week, the figures of infected people are seen increasing in the district. Today on Tuesday, 74 coronas have been found infected in the district.

Due to which the number of active patients has crossed 200. Let us tell you that out of the 74 new infected found today, maximum 50 patients of Gadchiroli tehsil are included. Due to which the situation of corona infection in Gadchiroli tehsil has increased rapidly.

Along with the country, the number of patients increased in the first and second wave of corono in the state. But the district administration had achieved success in controlling the corona infection in the district. The third wave has increased the concern of the state along with the country. In such a situation, till January 4, the situation of corona infection in the district was under control.

On this day only 13 active patients were registered in the district. But on Tuesday, the number of patients is increasing in the district as soon as 24 infected people are found. In this week, there have been 217 active patients in the district. Due to which the risk of third wave of corona has increased in the district as well. Especially in Gadchiroli tehsil, maximum 50 patients have been found during the day. Due to which the corona infection is seen taking a fierce form in the tehsil. The ever-increasing number of disruptors seems to be increasing the headache of the district administration along with the health department.

74 infected in a day; 23 corona free

Today, 74 new coronas have been found infected in 1249 corona tests conducted in the district on Tuesday. At the same time, 23 patients have become corona free. The new infected found today include 50 from Gadchiroli tehsil, Armori 4, Bhamragad 1, Chamorshi 10, Dhanora 2, Etapalli 5, Sironcha 1 and 1 patient from Desaiganj tehsil. At the same time, out of 23 patients who were corona-free today, 10 patients from Gadchiroli tehsil, 11 from Aheri, 1 patient each from Chamorshi and Dhanora tehsils are included.

week status

The number of disruptors in the district has reached 217 in a week. If we look at the figures of the infected for a week, then the corona situation in the district seems to be taking a serious turn. On Tuesday, there were 13 active patients with 3 infected in the district. 24 interrupted on 5 January, 48 on 6 January, 38 on 7 January, only 4 on 8 January, 30 on 9 January, 22 disrupted on 10 January, so today on Tuesday 11 January there has been an increase of 74 corona patients. In a short span of time, this increasing number seems to be increasing the concern of the administration along with the health department.

Tehsil wise active patient

The number of infected patients seems to be increasing in the district. The corona situation of Gadchiroli tehsil, which is the district headquarters, seems to be taking a serious form. Today there has been an increase of 50 patients in the tehsil. The highest number of 124 active patients in the district are from Gadchiroli tehsil alone. There are 8 active patients in Aheri tehsil, Armori 5, Bhamragad 2, Chamorshi 59, Dhanora 2, Etapalli 8, Kurkheda, Mulchera each 1, Sironcha 2 and Desaiganj tehsil.

Korchi tehsil Koranamukta

The number of corona patients is continuously increasing in the district. In such a situation, not a single infected has been registered so far in Korchi tehsil of the northern end of the district. Due to which currently Korchi tehsil is corona free. So far 955 total infected were found in this tehsil. In which 943 patients have become corona free. At the same time, 12 patients have died due to corona.

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