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NILESH SHAH of KOTAK AMC said that IT companies moving towards digital ecosystem will earn

NILESH SHAH of KOTAK AMC said that good results are expected from the companies in the second quarter. The results of companies can be good on yearly and quarterly basis. He called it beneficial to invest in shares of chemical, realty and select government companies. Nilesh Shah today spoke exclusively to CNBC-Awaaz and shared investment tips for investors and viewers. With this, he told which sectors will see a boom in the future.

It was said earlier that there will be a boom in the chemical sector

Nilesh had already caught the boom of the chemical sector and had given investment advice in it. Now he said that the growth of the chemical sector may continue as India’s share in this sector is increasing. So you can invest in good stocks. However, at present, the stocks of the chemical sector are looking a bit expensive in terms of valuation, so instead of investing at this time, it will be beneficial to buy good chemical stocks at a fall and make good positions in them.

What is the outlook on the housing and realty sector

Shah said that earlier the share of realty and housing sector in India’s growth was in double digit, which has come down to single digit in few years, but now this sector seems to be bottom out and once again to come in double digit. is eager. He said that due to work from home, people are facing shortage of one more room in their house, due to which again demand is expected in housing and stocks of this sector will run out.

Returns are never the same in SIP

On SIP investments coming in the market every month in huge amounts, Shah said that the returns in SIP are never the same. The returns you get in this can be more or less. He said that India’s industrial sector is doing well and this sector can also see further growth. At the same time, the focus of the market and investors on government companies is increasing. Along with this, investment opportunities are visible in many government companies. So one can invest in good PSU stocks.

Companies moving towards the digital ecosystem will earn a lot

Kotak AMC said that he likes the IT sector. There are some challenges in IT, but there are also many opportunities. In terms of investment, if a lot has been invested in IT companies, then it would be prudent to take a small advantage. Along with this, he said that the focus should be on select companies in the IT sector who are moving towards the digital ecosystem with their regular business because there is a huge potential in the field of digital ecosystem ahead and companies moving in this direction. Will earn good money.

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