News of concern for Indian companies, parliamentary committee proposes to ban VPN service

The Standing Committee of Parliament on Home Affairs has proposed a ban on VPN service in India.

The Standing Committee of Parliament on Home Affairs has proposed a ban on VPN service in India. Behind this, he has cited the threat to cyber security as the reason. According to the proposal, with the help of VPNs, criminals remain anonymous online. And India needs to develop a system to stop this service permanently.

VPNs or virtual private networks encrypt data while online and also hide the user’s IP address. With its help, the user can also log in to the blocked websites. In this service, when the person is on a public WiFi network, then his online identity is also hidden.

Due to VPN services, most companies in the country are able to keep their digital assets safe. During the lockdown imposed due to Corona epidemic, VPNs are able to work from home without any hassle.

According to the parliamentary committee, the technology of dark web and VPN services is not good for cyber security and with the help of this criminals can create suspicious identity. He said that many websites advertise VPN services, which can be easily downloaded. The panel has asked the Union Home Ministry and the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to work together to identify and block such VPNs. The panel has also recommended taking the help of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to do this work. The committee has also appealed to the central government to take action against VPN services helping criminals.

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The committee submitted this report to the Rajya Sabha on 10 August. It said that the Union Home Ministry should work on strengthening tracking and monitoring. According to the report, for this, it should develop state of the art technology to monitor VPN and dark web.

This proposal is a matter of concern for companies in India, as it will affect the security of their data. If the government follows the recommendations of the House panel, the VPN services in the country will be shut down. This will be a matter of great concern for IT companies, who are doing their work through work from home. With this, banks, who are doing online transactions, will also have problems.

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