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MP Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar gave a big statement about teachers, said – new education policy will be better

Madhya Pradesh: Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh (Inder Singh Parmar) has given a big statement regarding teachers. He has said that from September 5 to September 25, all teachers should discuss the new education policy online or offline in detail and make a video and upload it on the portal of the education department. Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar stressed on strengthening primary education and said that children should be given good education right from the beginning. ‌ Education Minister said that according to the new education policy, resources and teachers will also be replenished.

Madhya Pradesh will be in the category of developed states in the next 3 years

Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar said that by improving the quality of education in the state, work will have to be done keeping the interests of students in mind. He also said that Madhya Pradesh will join the category of developed states in the next 3 years in the field of education. ‌ He praised all the teachers by mentioning the excellent work of giving education to scooter children despite loudspeakers and every child being disabled. ‌ He said that the transition period of coronavirus in the country was quite challenging, but teachers have also turned it into an opportunity.

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Regular education reached children from online classes

Referring to the online class, the Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh said that education reached in this crisis time, the biggest credit goes to the teachers. ‌ He said that now under the new education policy, we have to try to protect the national language, mother tongue and culture and awaken the spirit of self-respect among children. He said about the new education policy that it should be widely discussed and publicity should be spread in the society also about the new education policy so that people get the right information.

Must upload video from 5 to 25 September

Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar told all the teachers that from 5th to 25th September, all the teachers will have to make a video of their ideas and upload it on the portal of the education department, online or offline under the new education policy. He said that competition based on the new education policy will also be organized by October 2, which will help in implementing the new education policy in a better way.

Explain that under the new education policy and the old curriculum has been changed, now 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 policy has been implemented. The benefit of the new education policy is that now, in addition to art science and commerce, children will be able to choose arts and crafts and business subjects instead of options. Through the new education policy, now every year, children will also be given subject degree and it will be added to their educational qualification.

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