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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Medical stores will have to account for self kit, BMC issued strict instructions

Mumbai: BMC is facing difficulty in getting accurate figures of Corona patients being found daily in Mumbai. After showing symptoms of corona, some people get tested by buying COVID testing self kit from medical stores. Even after coming positive, they do not inform BMC about it. Therefore, BMC has now made it mandatory for medical stores to keep a record of those who purchased the COVID Testing Self Kit. BMC will soon issue a guideline in this regard.

The BMC official said that the exact number of COVID patients in Mumbai can be ascertained from the COVID test, but many people bring ‘Covid Testing Self Kit’ at home for testing from medical stores. BMC does not have accurate information about how many people have purchased and tested the COVID Testing Self Kit and how many people have come positive in it. Therefore, BMC is not getting the exact number of COVID patients. This is the reason that exact information about the number of COVID tests, number of COVID patients, number of COVID kits used cannot be given to the BMC Commissioner and the Ministry.

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BMC will issue guidelines

The BMC also does not know whether the person using the kit will follow the rules after testing positive or whether he has been admitted to the hospital. Therefore, the possibility of increasing the number of patients cannot be ruled out. Therefore, BMC has decided to make it mandatory for medical stores to keep records of the sale of COVID Testing Self Kits. BMC will keep an eye on these irresponsible people through the medical stores selling the kits. BMC is also making it mandatory for all medical stores to prepare a report by entering the contact number and address of the kit buyer and give it to BMC. Soon BMC will issue guidelines for this.

Get report in few minutes

Buying a self-testing kit for Rs 250, it can be found at home within 15 minutes whether a person is corona positive or not. To record the test report through self kit, ‘Mylab’ app has to be downloaded in the mobile. A printed report is generated within minutes of scanning the code on the kit. However, after this test, the report needs to be recorded through the scanner on the kit to send the report to the administration, but citizens are ignoring it. Therefore, BMC has decided to keep the information of such people.

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