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Life affected: Unseasonal rains increased chills, cold wave trembles

Amravati, Mole-sesame heat increases with Makar Sankranti, but on this festival, cold winds affected life. On Friday, amidst the climate change, there was a havoc of cold wave all over the district. Unseasonal rain lasted for one-and-a-half hours at 9 in the morning. After that there was a camp of clouds. Sundarshan could be possible for some time in the afternoon. Then it kept raining.

Due to which the cold wave has taken the entire district in its lap. Feeling the chill even in the afternoon, people were forced to wear warm clothes and deal with outside work. The fun of Makar Sankranti was also spoiled by the weather. Although there are no reports of much damage due to unseasonal rains, but the changing environment is inviting seasonal diseases.

No Suryadarshan in Daryapur

Daryapur. For three consecutive days, the clouds are making their camp. Due to which the sunrise is not possible. On Friday morning, unseasonal rain started in the midst of preparations for Makar Sankranti. After raining heavily for 1 hour, it stopped for a while, but then it started drizzling till evening. Due to which the market was also seen deserted. If the farmers are to be believed, then the cotton bonds have come to a standstill. Tur has also suffered.

Impact on the crop in Nandgaon Khandeshwar

Nandgaon Khandeshwar. Due to unseasonal rains in the city and nearby villages under the tehsil, the problems of the farmers are increasing. Wheat, gram, tur, onion in the fields and orange, mosambi, lemon and mango in the orchards have suffered a lot due to less and more rain for the last four-five days. In that, the unseasonal rain on Friday has once again increased the concern of the farmers.

Farmers say that so far no payment has been made by the government and the insurance company. Many farmers have not received their compensation even after getting the insurance. Due to inflation, even their cost price is not coming out. Day by day the problem is coming in plowing due to inflation. Thousands of hectares of tur has been damaged in the fields due to unseasonal rains. Threshers are not going to the fields due to change in weather.

Shadow silence on the streets, business stalled

Chandur Market. It rained unseasonably for 1 hour at 10 am on Friday, then after some rest, the drizzle continued till evening. Due to which the backbone of kite business was broken. Due to the tradition of flying kites on Makar Sankranti, kite vendors had made preparations fiercely, the children were also excited, but the rain stopped. Due to the presence of clouds, the effect of increased chill has been on business and business.

Weather will prevail for the next 3-4 days

In Chandur Bazar tehsil too, it rained since early morning. Intermittent and drizzling rain continues throughout the day. Due to which business and business in the city has come to a complete standstill. Many traders and shopkeepers kept their establishments closed due to the weather. Movement from rural areas also remained closed. Roads and crossroads were seen completely deserted. Talking about the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the weather will remain like this for the coming 3 to 4 days.

Minimum temperature recorded 16.3 degrees

According to the daily report of the Regional Meteorological Center of Nagpur, the average minimum temperature of the district was 16.3 degree Celsius on Friday. While the maximum average temperature was recorded at 21.2 degrees. Due to which the temperature did not drop even after increasing the chill.

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