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Know why farmers in Sinnar stopped the work of security wall of prosperity

Sinnar: Shiv Sena Chief Balasaheb Thackeray The work of Mumbai-Nagpur Samridhi Highway is in the final stages. For this highway, the work of building a security wall has started in the area edited by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation, which has been stopped by the farmers of Dusingpur and Kahandalwadi of Tehsil, protesting.

Demanding a permanent road to go to the fields near the prosperity highway, the farmers started an agitation by stopping the vehicles of the contractors in the Dusingpur Pajhar pond area. Until the government takes a decision in this regard, the farmers have adopted the role of starting the movement. The work of prosperity highway is being done in the middle of the Pajhar pond located in Dusingpur, the largest area of ​​the East Tehsil. Due to increasing the height of the road by pouring soil in the entire area along with the bridge on the drain near the pond, the road has been closed for the farmers of both the sides. Along with this, the problem of farmers has increased due to the construction of security walls on both sides of the road.

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After the completion of the construction work of the highway, the contractor is building a 10-feet high cement wall on both sides of the road. As soon as the information was received, the aggrieved farmers stopped the construction of the security wall by stopping the vehicles of the contractor. Demanded to provide us with a permanent route to and from the fields. Failure to do so demanded an independent underpass at two places in the Pajhar pond. At this time Datta Pawar, Ankush Pawar, Ramnath Pawar, Bhaskar Kaandal, Dattu Kahandal, Vilas Kaandal, Mahesh Gorane, Anand Gorane, Narayan Gorane, Yashwant Ghegdammal, Sitabai Meherkhamb, Anna Kaandal, Balu Kahandal, Gangadhar Kahandal etc. were present.

Wrong to agitate in place of prosperity

Road Development Corporation has given compensation to the farmers for the edited space. Therefore, the farmers do not have any right in the edited area. No problem will be solved here by stopping the movement or the vehicles of the contractors. The place where the road is in the record has been omitted. The concerned farmers are being continuously informed about this. Has the government given any information regarding the service road or other facilities provided to the villagers? There is no information about this. Co-information was given by an official of the Road Development Corporation on the condition of not publishing the name.

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