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Jyoti Deshmukh took responsibility of the house as a farmer when 3 men of the family committed suicide due to financial constraints

Jyoti Deshmukh of Maharashtra, who lives in a remote village in Akola, is a living example of courage, determination and hope. Jyoti’s husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law committed suicide during a nationwide lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. These three men were farmers who used to cultivate 29 acres of land to feed their family members. However, during the lockdown, their financial position became extremely crisp, which made it very difficult to feed the family. The three men in the family then gave up and embraced death due to the lockdown and its financial stress.

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According to a BBC report, after the death of the three men of the family, the rest of the family members, and especially many from the society, tried to convince Jyoti to sell the land. But Jyoti refused to listen to the negative voice. Rather, she gathered all her courage and strength to support her family. What she did next made him a real hero not only in her family but also in the eyes of society.

She decided to cultivate her own land.

However, her fight to support her family was not so easy. During the early days, when Jyoti asked other farmers and villagers in the village who had tractors to do farming. But nobody helped them. Even then she did not lose hope. Rather, she made up her mind to buy a tractor himself and bought it too!

Sharing her inspiring story with the BBC, she said, “I was told that a woman cannot do farming and I also should not do farming. People urged me to sell the land and stay at home. I was told that the women of the Deshmukh household do not do farming. I was made fun of and had to listen to many other things. But I never paid attention to her words. “

Jyoti herself learned everything about farming without any help and proved that any woman can pursue farming if she wants. Now through her inspiring story, she is urging the women of her village to do the things that they like and ignore what the society has to say.

She adds, “Whatever we do, how we live, the people of the society will always keep saying something. Instead it is best to ignore them and focus on our work, our principles. ”

In her interview, she mentioned how farming taught him to be fearless. Although she was afraid of it earlier, she told how she is no longer afraid after working.

The story of Jyoti Deshmukh is an inspiration to the millions of women whom society tries to control.

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