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Jammu and Kashmir: Bihar’s chaat seller Virendra Paswan’s family gets financial help from Infosys Foundation

The family of chaat vendor Virendra Paswan, who was killed in targeted killings by terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir on October 5, has received financial help from Karnataka as the seven-member family is finding it difficult to survive. Paswan of Wade Saidpur village near Jagdishpur in Bhagalpur, Bihar used to sell “chaat” in Kashmir and was the sole breadwinner in the family. Now, when he is no more, his big family is in debt of Rs 2 lakh.

Upon learning of this incident, the Infosys Foundation has given Rs 2 lakh to the family to help the family repay the debt.

Infosys Foundation chairperson Sudha Murthy told News18, “I was sent a clipping by a senior News18 journalist about Virender Paswan, a “chaat” seller who had died in Kashmir. I really felt extremely sorry for the family. We have kept a check for Rs 2 lakh for him, which will be deposited by today. We have also taken the bank details of Paswan’s wife for the same.”

Murthy further said, “It is very sad that someone’s hatred has taken someone’s life. What should poor people do in such a situation? In such a situation, I do not like at all. If I am unable to continue the education of a child. If you were helping, I would have been happy.”

She said, “I am trying to ease some of the burden on the family. It is sad, which makes me face such incidents. What did that poor person do? He is trying to feed his family there. His family could have dinner only if he earned enough during the day.”

Murthy said, “The strong get support from everywhere, the poor always suffer. A man is taking care of a big family and they are losing their breadwinner, it is a very sad situation.”

Thanking the Infosys Foundation, Paswan’s wife Putul Devi said, “Money may not bring my husband back, but it will at least help me take care of the children.”

Putul Devi said, “When my husband decided to work in Kashmir, many people advised him not to do so. What did my husband do wrong? He only honestly wanted to take care of our family. Were trying. What has the government done to punish those criminals…”

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