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IPL 2020: UAE reaches Virat Kohli

IPL 2020: Now the entire team has started practicing in relation to the IPL match. Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian cricket team and captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB in the IPL, has also started net practice by reaching UAE. Virat Kohli said during this time that he is feeling very fit as he has taken a lot of training in lockdown. He said that when your body is light, you perform well. Virat Kohli said that he had not practiced the net for the last 5 months and due to this he was very scared.

IPL 2020, UAE reaches Virat Kohli

Net practice done for the first time on Saturday

RCB team arriving at UAE for IPL 2020 has started practicing. On Saturday, Virat Kohli also practiced inside for the first time and the pictures were also shared by the management team on its official Twitter handle. Regarding his net practice, Virat Kohli said that for the first time after the last 5 months he was practicing on the net and he was very scared but he played much better than expected. ‌ He said that I have caught the bat after last 5 months but to be honest, this net session of mine proved to be much better than my expectation. 4

Virat Kohli has taken a lot of training during lockdown

Virat Kohli, who arrived in UAE UAE, said that he has taken a lot of training to keep himself fit during the lockdown. His training helped him a lot during net practice. Kohli also said that he is feeling the difference and when your body is light, you can respond better. ‌ Please tell that during his net practice, Virat Kohli looked quite happy. Virat Kohli said that when you come for a session with a heavy body, your body does not work as much as is needed. But he is happy that he performed better than expected. 4

Yuzvendra Chahal also appeared in practice

Yuzvendra Chahal of Team India also appeared in the practice session. “Let us know that apart from Washington Sundar, Shahbaz Nadeem, some fast bowlers also participated in this practice session.” Seeing the performance of everyone, Virat Kohli said that our team has practiced well. Let me tell you that during this time Virat Kohli looked quite happy. He said that our spinners are doing very well, they have dropped the ball in one place. ‌ He praised all the bowlers. ‌ ‌ ‌

Let me tell you that just a few days ago, the captain of Team India, Virat Kohli is going to be the father (Virat Kohli), he has informed this to his fans through his Instagram account. Yuzvendra Chahal has also engaged. 4

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