Home India Inspired at the age of 11, then these two entrepreneurs together empowered women from 35 countries

Inspired at the age of 11, then these two entrepreneurs together empowered women from 35 countries

Inspired at the age of 11, then these two entrepreneurs together empowered women from 35 countries

Today’s society is undoubtedly changing in terms of awareness to create equality between men and women, but still we have not witnessed any revolutionary change towards creating an equal world for women. Bridging the gap between the perception and reality of a changing society, two young entrepreneurs named Riya and Shraddha decided to provide a platform for women to become self-reliant by providing opportunities. She created a platform called Fujia, which empowers women through a combination of cultures and ideas.

How did you get the idea

Riya was 11 years old when she got the idea to inspire girls and women to move forward with their passion. She was living in Palo Alto, California. You will be surprised to know that Riya wrote a book called ‘Runway Twins’ as a child. One day while she was promoting her book at a local bookstore, a girl came to her and informed her about Riya’s inspiration to write a book of her own. The incident left a deep impact on Riya and they then decided to create an effective platform for girls and women to come together and inspire each other with their ideas.

In the year 2012, Riya started a writing club aimed at schoolgirls writing essays and sharing ideas with others. That writing club soon became a popular community, and that was when Fujian started. In the year 2015, Riya’s relative Shraddha, who also had a degree in business management, joined Team Fujia as a co-founder. Shraddha is currently leading the team in Fujia.

She believes that women have hidden talent in every corner of the world, but a platform is needed to bring her out.

The biggest challenge before him was to reach every talented women from all over the world. Her team works from remote areas, and that’s why it helps them reach women from even the remotest part of the world.

Proven effective platform for millions

Team Fujia, consisting of about 35 members, is spread around the world. Their remote working model helps Fujia reach women from distant parts of the world. Over the years, Fujia has been helpful to women from both rural and urban backgrounds. The team has worked hard, and her efforts were rewarded when she received an invitation to participate in the Women’s Economic Forum in the year 2018.

Currently, Fujia boasts a global community of over 4.5 million readers and authors on its web portal and over 50 thousand submissions. She has also launched Humans of Fujia to showcase women’s work. With talented individuals from 35 countries of the world, Fujia is also operating a unique service for companies to hire talent through its talent program. The community has helped more than 100 women and girls become financially empowered and develop confidence through various skill development programs, internships and assignments.

Shraddha and Riya are planning to take this platform to a level where no women in the world are deprived of opportunities. When asked about the secret mantra of successful entrepreneurship, Shraddha said, “You should do nothing just because your family, your partner, the people around you expect you to do it, but only your heart. Should follow and do what makes you happy. It is very important to get success and be satisfied in life.

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