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India’s greatest all-rounder Kapil Dev, who was never run out in 184 innings, today 63rd birthday

New Delhi. Today is the 63rd birthday of Kapil Dev, the country’s best and all-rounder player and the biggest all-rounder of Indian cricket. Yes, on this day, 6 January 1959, he was born in Chandigarh. Every Indian should know that India also won the 1983 World Cup (1983 World Cup Winner Captain) under the bold captaincy of Kapil. Kapil broke the myth that fast bowlers can never come from India.

Kapil’s figures were also unmatched

If we look at the statistics, Kapil Dev scored 5248 runs in his Test career and took 434 wickets. Also, he is the only cricketer so far who has crossed the 5000 runs and 400 wickets. Along with this, Kapil scored 3783 runs in 225 ODIs and also took 253 wickets.

Thus became the fast bowler of the country

When Kapil was only 15 years old, he was sent to a training camp in Mumbai. The camp was set up for the training of rising cricket stars of India. On the first day, he got only two rotis and one dry vegetable to eat. Seeing this, Kapil got sad and reached the room of camp manager KK Tarapur. He told Tarapur that this food would not help him.

Then Tarapur laughed out loud and said, “You have come a day before, you started complaining… formed a union and became its leader too. Tell me what’s the problem.” Kapil Dev said, “Sir, I am a fast bowler and two rotis will not do my job at all.” On this Tarapur took a dig at him and said, “You will get more bread but understand one thing that no fast bowler has been born in India in 40 years.” Hearing this, Kapil got tears in his eyes and at the same time he decided that if he becomes, then he will become India’s fastest bowler.

Played domestic cricket for Haryana

On the other hand, if seen through the eyes of great batsman Sunil Gavaskar, then Kapil Dev is the first small town hero of Indian cricket. Kapil played domestic cricket for Haryana throughout his life. Apart from this, he also played cricket for the English counties Worcestershire and Northamptonshire.

fitness had no answer

Yes, Kapil Dev was a very fit player. At the same time, he had no match in running between the wickets. It is also worth noting that in 184 innings of his career, he was never run out. On the other hand, if he had not been dropped from the Test match due to disciplinary action against England in 1984-1985, he would have played 132 consecutive Test matches in his Test career. Well that story sometime again… but not really ‘Kapil Da Jawab’.

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