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Indian Railway News: Fog slows down the speed of trains, know the status of trains before leaving home

Apart from normal express trains Rajdhani Express trains are also running late.

Indian Railway News: Outbreak of cold is increasing in North India. Almost all trains are running very late due to dense fog. As a result, super fast and premium trains are running late to their destination by several hours. The speed of trains coming to Delhi from different parts of the country has slowed down so much that trains running on time are also running late. Train 02275 Humsafar Special Aajar coming from Prayagraj to New Delhi reached New Delhi station with a delay of 4 hours 32 minutes. This train reached Allahabad on time by walking from Allahabad but was delayed for four and a half hours till reaching Delhi. This train from Prayagraj opens at 10:30 pm and the time to reach New Delhi is 06:10 am.

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Capital is also getting late

Apart from normal express trains, Rajdhani Express trains are also running late. There are some trains that are reaching Kanpur on time or are getting late, they are delaying their journey from Kanpur to Delhi.

  • Train 02301 Howrah New Delhi Special Rajdhani time to reach New Delhi is 10:05 in the morning, but this train, which left Howrah at 04:50 pm on January 27, has not arrived till 12:30 pm on January 28. This train is still running late by about 6 hours and it is estimated that this train will reach New Delhi at 03:44 pm, after a delay of 5 hours 39 minutes from the scheduled time of 10:05.
  • Train 02435 Vande Bharat Special arrived in New Delhi 45 minutes late at 11:45 this morning. This train leaves Varanasi at 3 pm and reaches New Delhi at 11 pm, but on January 27, it was delayed 38 minutes to reach Allahabad from Varanasi.
  • Train 02559 Sivaganga Special has always transported passengers to their destination on time. However, this train, which left Manduadih (Varanasi) on January 27 at 10:15 am, arrived in New Delhi this morning at a delay of 3 hours 45 minutes from 08:25 to 12:10 pm. This train had left on time since last night and Prayagraj also arrived at the right time but it delayed 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Kanpur. After this, it became later.
  • Train 02555 Gorakhdham Express Special departed from Gorakhpur at 04:35 pm on 27 January. After this, it reached Kanpur at a delay of 10 minutes from 11:23 pm. After this, the speed of the train slowed and New Delhi arrived at a delay of 3 hours from 05:25 am on January 28 this morning.
  • Train 02219 Suheldev Express departed from Ghazipur on January 27 at 05:20 pm and reached Anand Vihar with a delay of 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • Train 02429 Lucknow to New Delhi AC Special left at 11:30 pm on 27 January and was delayed 50 minutes to reach Bareilly. It delayed 1 hour and 57 minutes to reach New Delhi this morning and reached 9:27.
  • Train 02229 Lucknow Mail departed from Lucknow on January 27 at 11:01 pm with a delay of one hour and a minute and on reaching New Delhi it delayed it by 2 hours 18 minutes. It reached New Delhi at 9:03 am this morning.

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