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India Biotech’s big announcement about Covaxin, side effects will be compensated

Bharat Biotech said that the company will pay compensation in the event of any serious side effects after taking its vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccine: Bharat Biotech said on Saturday that the company would pay compensation in the event of any serious side effects after taking its vaccine. The company has received an order from the government to purchase supplies of 55 lakh doses. In the Consent form signed by people taking the vaccine, Bharat Biotech said that in the event of a bad event or a serious bad event, you will be provided with standard care in government-designated and certified centers or hospitals.

Incorporated in Consent Form

The Consent form states that compensation for serious fatalities will be paid by the sponsor (BBIL) if SAE is found to be related to the vaccine. The vaccine maker said that Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trial covalent showed the ability to produce antibodies against COVID-19. However, the clinical potential of the vaccine is still to be established and it is being studied in the Fed-3 clinical trial.

It is said in the Consent form that it is therefore important to recognize that getting the vaccine does not mean that other precautions related to COVID-19 need not be followed. According to industry experts, it is the responsibility of the company to pay compensation to people in the event of serious side effects as the vaccine is being applied while it is in clinical trial mode.

Covid19 Vaccination Process: Vaccine will be given to registered people on Co-Win, the day of vaccination will be decided through SMS

World’s largest corona vaccination campaign started in India

Let us know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the world’s largest corona vaccination campaign on Saturday. The campaign has started with vaccination of frontline workers at more than 3,000 centers in all states and union territories across the country. According to the standards of the Ministry of Health, a maximum of 100 people will be vaccinated at each center. Adequate doses of vaccine are available at these places. To answer the questions related to COVID-19 epidemic, vaccine and its digital platform, the call center has already been started with the number 1075. Prime Minister Modi also launched the Coin-Win app during this time.

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