Home India Increased tension: Rana couple caught sight, politics heats up, statue removed in strict police arrangements

Increased tension: Rana couple caught sight, politics heats up, statue removed in strict police arrangements

Increased tension: Rana couple caught sight, politics heats up, statue removed in strict police arrangements

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Amravati. On the day of the birth anniversary of Rajmata Jijau, the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was removed at 4 am on Sunday under strict police arrangements on the Rajapeth Udan bridge. Before this joint action of the Municipal Corporation and the city police, Rana couple was put under house arrest. The politics of the city has heated up regarding the removal of this statue in the bitter cold. A verbal battle has erupted between Rana’s Yuva Swabhiman Party and the BJP, which has come out in support, with the Congress. Police patrolling and arrangements have been increased in all sensitive areas.

workers’ performance

According to the information, on the midnight of January 13, MLA Ravi Rana installed a full-fledged statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the central part of the Rajapeth Udan Bridge. Dozens of office-bearers and workers of the Yuva Swabhiman Party, which were activated on the second day without the permission of the Municipal Corporation and the district administration, were kept on guard till late night of January 14. Not only this, MNS openly supported it and also worshiped the statue by reaching this place. After which on Friday, MLA Rana also garlanded the statue and offered prayers. Activists demonstrated at the Rana residence in protest against the removal of the statue.

neither past nor future settlement

With the help of police, the Municipal Corporation took joint action in the early hours of Sunday and removed this statue from the Rajapeth Udan Bridge with full respect. For this, neither ghost nor future police arrangements were made for the police. Traffic was stopped from all three sides on the Rajapeth Udan Bridge. 10-10 police vehicles were deployed on the Udan bridge from all three sides. Here the police was guarded in tight arrangements. Earlier it was situated at Shankar Nagar.

First the idol of Annabhau Sathe was removed

First of all, in the strict arrangements of the police, the Municipal Administration removed the effigy of Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe, which was installed at the crossroads in front of the Collectorate without permission. At 2.30 midnight, the anti-encroachment squad of the Municipal Corporation removed the effigy in the presence of DCP Vikram Sali, MM Makadar, all ACPs, all the policemen of the city and more than 300 police personnel. On behalf of the Human Rights Campaign, Lahuji Shakti Sena, Matang Sena and Vidarbha Lahuji Sangathan, an effigy of Sahitya Ratna Annabhau Sathe was placed right in front of the District Magistrate’s office at 2 pm on Saturday.

Dr. Rupesh Khadse of Lahuji Shakti Sangathan, Dadasaheb Kshirsagar of Manvi Haq Sangathan, Major Mahadev Khandare, Ganeshdas Gaikwad, Pankaj Jadhav, Ganesh Kalane are among those who erected Annabau Sathe’s effigy. After this action, this joint convoy moved towards the Rajapeth Udan Bridge. Due to the detention, the police did not allow the press conference held at the residence of MLA Rana at 3 pm.

Swarajya burnt the poster of Municipal Commissioner

Swarajya Sangathan registered a prohibition on Sunday at 1.30 pm by burning the poster of Corporation Commissioner Praveen Ashtikar at Irwin Chowk. Swarajya Sangathan says that the effigies of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Annabau Sathe were not to be removed. At this time the police reached the spot and detained 5 agitators. In which Praveen Bansod, Amol Ingale, Praveen Khandare, Navneet Tantalpale, Amol Jodhale are included.

Police camp on Ganga Savitri

Meanwhile, police have been guarded at Ganga Savitri residence of MLA Ravi Rana located in Shankar Nagar. Apart from one company of SRPF, 10 police officers and 200 police personnel have been deployed. The road has been blocked by putting barricades on both sides in front of the residence. No one is being allowed to enter Rana Niwas. Dozens of office bearers and workers of Yuva Swabhiman Party gathered in the afternoon. Due to which the police detained more than 35 workers and kept them in the Vasant Hall. Meanwhile, MP Navneet Rana along with his workers staged a strong demonstration in front of the police. Slogans were raised fiercely against the Maha Vikas Aghadi government and the foster minister of the state.

Tight settlement including 2 SRP company

To maintain law and order in the city, police arrangements have been made at the police station level along with 2 SRPF companies. Police personnel have been deployed along with the officers at major chowk intersections. Some activists have been detained for law and order.-Vikram Sali, DCP

effigy will be placed again on shiv jayanti

Demand was being made for 3 years to install an effigy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. I myself met the mayor, the commissioner. Took a meeting with the administration. The Municipal Corporation did not take any initiative. The effigy was removed overnight in police settlement. BJP has power in Municipal Corporation, is the corporator in sleep? Those who do not worship Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, young self-respecting corporators will not go to the municipality. Will stop this action by resigning. Will put an effigy again on Shiv Jayanti. Before this, give permission to the Municipality and the District Magistrate’s office. Otherwise there will be intense agitation. A decision will be taken in this regard if the sentiments of Shiva devotees are hurt. People’s representatives are being treated like terrorists. -Ravi Rana, MLA, Badnera

struggle for effigy

Shiva devotees sought permission for the last 3 years to install an effigy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Till now this is not allowed. The effigy was placed in Rajapeth 4 days ago. They ask for votes in the name of Shivaji Maharaj and the government is not giving permission to erect his own effigy. The effigy of Maharaj is removed at night. Action is taken against women. Shiv devotees are being put in jail. The public representatives have to fight for the effigy. This situation has been created in Maharashtra. Navneet Rana, MP

ruling BJP responsible in MNP

There is never any opposition to the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the adorable deity of Maharashtra, but MLA Ravi Rana installed the statue of Maharaj wrongly without permission on the Rajapeth Udan Bridge. The Supreme Court has issued orders in the year 2013. After which the then Fadnavis government has made the rules issued in the year 2016. According to which, if this statue had been installed on the decision of the committee of Home Department, Public Works Department and Urban Development Department to install the statue, it would have been eligible.

BJP has power in the Municipal Corporation and why did the Municipality not give permission? What will happen if a 4 feet effigy is hurt by a drunkard or a madman? It would have been fine if the effigy had been installed with permission and with full respect. By creating an atmosphere of unrest, such activities have adverse consequences on the development of the city. In this case, Guardian Minister Ed. There is no relation with Yashomati Thakur.-Dr. Sunil Deshmukh, former foster minister

Rana and BJP contempt

The effigy of the state’s adorable deity Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was installed by MLA Ravi Rana on the flying bridge at midnight without permission. After which the Municipal Corporation removed this effigy in the early hours. In both the cases there has been contempt of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. For which the ruling BJP in Rana and MNP is responsible. By which allowing or removing the effigy comes under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Municipality. Therefore, the sin of removing the effigy is of the BJP itself.

The BJP and its supporting MLA Rana should obviously apologize. Ravi Rana is showing shamelessness by commenting on Guardian Minister Yashomati Thakur. Under the leadership of the ruling BJP, the Municipal Corporation removed the effigy and it is very funny to blame the guardian minister. Rana’s condition has become like Deepak’s flutter before he is extinguished by doing cheap politics regarding Shivrai’s effigy.

No mannequin can save Ravi Rana now. BJP state president Chandrakant Patil is even more ridiculous to say that our BJP mayor removed the effigy of Chhatrapati due to pressure from the foster minister. In this way, now on the lines of Uttar Pradesh, the same situation of BJP people can be seen in the state also. -Ed. Dilip Edatkar, State Spokesperson Congress

BJP will install the statue with permission

BJP city president Kiran Paturkar has said in a press statement that the effigies of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji Maharaj will be installed in the central part of the Rajapeth Udan bridge with the permission of the government. But in the meantime, MLA Rana installed an effigy of Sivaji Maharaj without permission. It is not eligible, but still there was no need for the guardian minister and administration to remove this effigy. Self. Balasaheb Thackeray’s Shiv Sena has installed effigies at many places in the state without permission.

Today Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray is the Chief Minister. Removal of the effigy in the fierce police settlement under his leadership is prohibited. Also, removing the effigy of Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe in front of the District Magistrate’s office is also prohibited. The BJP demands to put the effigies of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji Maharaj in Udan bridge and Annabau Sathe in the main square of the city.