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In the midst of a job crisis, you can make coding your new career, start learning through extremely easy medium.

In the midst of a deep crisis over jobs, you can also think of taking your career in a new direction in this way.

Today everyone is aware that the world is moving fast towards technology and this is the reason that the maximum employment opportunities are being seen in the field of technology and technology. Today, when the coronavirus epidemic has affected the entire world badly, due to this, crores of people have lost their jobs. Nearly 2 crore people have lost their jobs in India after the Corona epidemic. Despite this, there are still some sectors where there has been an increase in job opportunities.

In the meantime, some big tech companies and startups have shown no hesitation in associating new people with them, although the most benefit has come from those who come from tech or coding backgrounds. At this time, if you too are facing a crisis regarding your job, then from here you can take your career towards a new direction and strengthen your future more than before.

The current times are seeing an increase in demand from developers and coders, who can be connected to anyone, web or app. If you are a bit interested in the coding language, then you can start a new and fresh start in this field by preparing yourself in very less time and less expense. Moving forward here, the stronger you strengthen your skills, the more opportunities will open for you.

How are you beginning?

You will have to make the most of this time because you are going to learn something that is probably completely new to you, so you will need more practice to strengthen your skills and prepare yourself to entry-level. You have several options for beginning coding where you can start from.

The first option for you can be YouTube, where you will get good tutorials ranging from web or app development to data science and machine learning. It may be that you are not so confident about the teaching content found on YouTube, however, if you have carefully understood the syllabus of the course you like, then you can also take help of other websites like W3schools and tutorialspoint.

Now let’s talk about paid courses. On many websites, you will get up to 400 rupees related courses. You can resort to websites like Eudemi and Coursera for this. If you want to take several courses with one payment, then you can also use platforms like Skillshare. The reliance on these websites to finish the course is on you. The more attention and fast you learn and practice, the sooner you will be able to prepare yourself for the industry. During this process of learning, do not forget to test yourself through mediums such as online test, so that you do not have to face any kind of trouble when you move for the job.

How to get a job?

Remember that even after learning to code, you are completely new to this industry, so on the first day, remove the idea of ​​getting a big job from your mind. The safest and easiest way to get into the industry is an internship, where you get a chance to get into the fresher industry and do not have pressure during this time so that you can learn new things more quickly as well Can give more skills to your skills.

Usually, startups or companies keep freshers on internships for two to three or four months, but you also have to keep in mind that the place you are going as an intern is promising you a job after internship If this is so, then the company will choose you for the job based on your performance, otherwise, you can apply for the job elsewhere with this experience. Remember that you are new now, so a good place should be a good place for you more than money, from where you can move your career in a new direction fast.


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