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Important events of today’s day in the history of the country and the world

According to the Gregory calendar, August 21 is the 233rd day of the year (234th in a leap year). There are 132 more days left in the year.

Important events of 21 August

1790 – Dindigul is captured by British forces led by General Meadows.

1915 – Italy declares war against Turkey during the First World War.

1959 – Hawaii becomes the 50th province of the United States.

1965 – Constitution adopted in European country Romania.

1972 – Wildlife Protection Act passed in Parliament.

1972 – Wildlife Protection Act passed in India.

1997 – 140 people died and three thousand people were injured by cyclone Vinny in eastern China.

1983 – Opposition leader of the Philippines Benigro S. Aquino returns after voluntary deportation, shot dead as he steps on land.

1988 – Thousands of people died in the earthquake that struck the Indo-Nepal border.

1991 – President Gorbachov ousted in Soviet Union, curfew in Moscow, revolution failed and Gorbachov again in power.

1993 – President Boris Yeltsin dissolves the Russian Parliament.

2000 – Forest fire over 1600 hectares destroyed by fire in southeastern Ardek province, confirming the death of all 118 members of the Russian submarine.

2003 – United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan rejects the proposal to send a joint peacekeeping force to Iraq.

2005 – Ceasefire agreement between Bangladesh and India’s Border Security Forces concluded.

2006 – Iraq’s ousted president Saddam Hussein refuses to participate in the genocide trial.

2008 – The Caravan-e-Aman bus service plying between Muzaffarabad, the capital of Srinagar and ‘Pakistan-occupied Kashmir’, resumed. India joined hands with NASA on moon mission.

2009 – The Indian Navy’s fighter aircraft ‘Sea Harrier’ crashes into the Arabian Sea after taking off from Goa. Take the pilot. Commander Saurabh Saxena died.

2012 – 20 people died due to Ebola virus infection in the African country Democratic Republic of Congo.

2013 – 37 people were killed and 16 injured in a bus accident near Chin Swee Temple in Malaysia.

2014 – Israeli airstrikes in Rafah kill three top Hamas commanders.

Born on 21 august

1871 – Gopal Krishna Deodhar – Famous social worker and servant of India.

1927 – B.B. Satya Narayan Reddy – A freedom fighter, socialist leader and former governor of Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal.

1934 – Sudhakarrao Naik – Indian National Congress politician.

1979 – Pema Khandu – India’s youngest and the current Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

1915 – Ismat Chughtai – Famous in Indian literature as a famous and powerful storyteller.

1910 – Narayan Sridhar Bendre – was a famous Indian painter.

Died on 21 August

2009 – Babulal Gaur – Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

2007 – Qurratulain Hyder – Famous Urdu writer.

2006 – Ustad Bismillah Khan – Eminent shehnai player awarded ‘Bharat Ratna’.

1995 – Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar – Astrophysicist.

1981 – Kaka Kalelkar – India’s famous Gandhian freedom fighter, educationist, journalist and writer.

1978 – Veenu Mankad – was one of the greatest cricketers of India. His name is counted among the best all-rounders in the world.

1948 – Vamanrao Baliram Lakhe – One of the freedom fighters of Chhattisgarh who fought for India’s independence.

1931 – Vishnu Digambar Paluskar, famous classical singer



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